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February 2018 - Monthly Empties & Month in Masks

Time to take a look at my beauty garbage! (I hope each month that I will have lots of empties; because, I'm trying to make a conscious effort to go through and use up products!)

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation in 127/Y335/Dark Sand ~ sample (full size is $52.00 CAN). A game-changing, top-selling foundation with buildable to medium coverage, available in a diverse range of 40 shades.

I received this in a past Topbox actually; but, the shade was a little too dark for me - the formula was nice but I never really tested it on it's own as I usually had to mix it with a lighter shade! Anyways, it did wear well and I thought it had a nice finish! 
Repurchase: I would like to sample it in my shade! 

Moor Spa Lip Balm ~ $6.00. This rich lip treatment combines sweet almond oil, bees wax, coconut oil and shea butter for soft, smooth lips.

This lip balm was really good - it actually was really soft and soothing on the lips! It was a nice smooth texture and I actually felt my lips hydrated for hours after using this!
Repurchase: If I can find it - it's a spa line... 

The Face Shop Lovely Meex Pastel Cushion Blusher in 01 Rose Cushion ~ $10.00 CAN. Cushion puff single-color blusher that expresses color smoothly with a gentle touch of enclosed puff. 

This is hands down my go-to blush colour - I'm actually surprised that I totally finished a blush! The shade is just the perfect every day pink blush for me! It always wore really nicely and lasted for the day! 
Repurchase: Yes (eventually, I have a few blushes to get through!)

Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer in "Medium Light Neutral" ~ $35.00 CAN. This concealer from Urban Decay lets you cover imperfections without looking covered up.

I loooove this concealer - it is easily called my Holy Grail concealer - nothing else to me works as well - it's actually been my favorite since July 2015 and I have tried quite a few concealers and nothing compares to it! I can't say too much more then this is the best concealer ever! 

Repurchase: Yes, already have!

Rodial Glamolash Mascara - Skinny ~ $29.00 CAN/$28.00 US/£24.00. With a soft black pigment and short, finely packed bristles, this will give a lengthened natural flutter to eyelashes.

I have reviewed this mascara before - you can see my thoughts here. Initially, I really liked this - I thought it was a more natural looking mascara; but, it did lengthen, separate and define. But, a couple of months after opening (about 3 months) it started clumping while it was on it's last legs. 
Repurchase: mmm, maybe, I prefer a bolder lash look overall... 

Emani Organic Soy Infused Mascara in Midnight ~ $20.00 US. This dual-action makeup and lash treatment is smudge-proof and easy to remove without all the harsh chemicals. 

This just did not do it for me - it was a super wet formula and just made all my lashes clump together and gave me like 5 lashes total. It just did not do it for me at all. This is not finished; but, I just can't make it work on my lashes.
Repurchase: Nooooo

Hado Labo Tokyo Skin Plumping Gel Cream ~ deluxe sample (full size is $24.99 US). This luxurious silky gel cream combines the skin perfecting power of a serum with the intense hydration of a moisturizer.

I have no idea where I even got this; but, I am trying to go through all the products I have so this was something that needed to be used! I really liked this formula and thought this was a good night time moisturizer - it was really hydrating; but, did feel a little slimy on my skin so I only used it at night.
Repurchase: No

Caudalie Micellar Cleansing Water ~ deluxe sample (full size is $46.00 CAN). A soap-free micellar water that attracts and traps dirt, oil, and makeup to gently remove impurities and cleanse your complexion without drying out the skin.

This was fine - it just wasn't the best Micellar water i've use. I compare everything to Bioderma and this did take off mascara and makeup; but, I found like it took a lot of product to remove everything and a lot more effort than the Bioderma. 

Repurchase: No

Lush Jelly Face Mask "Bunny Moon" ~ $13.95 CAN. Everybunny's a bit sensitive now and then, so if your skin's feeling a bit tender or sore, treat it to this gentle, gold-dusted mask.

These were really interesting - I did a full review on this mask here. This was a jelly mask and you had to work the texture in your hands before you applied it. I did like it and it made my skin feel good; but, I just didn't use the whole thing up before it expired. It was a little difficult to rinse off so I didn't find myself reaching for it a lot! 
Repurchase: Probably not

Skin Inc Hyaluronic Acid Serum ~ sample size (full size is $46.00 CAN). A serum that replenishes and retains moisture for long-lasting hydration.

I think I got 3 little mini serums in a Sephora points set - they are apparently meant to mix and match with other serums; but, I just used it as is. This is such a cute little bottle and this was a good serum - nothing life changing for me, I liked it; but, I've used better. 
Repurchase: Not likely 

Vichy Mineral 89 Fortifying Daily Skin Booster ~ $39.95. Give your skin a daily boost of strength. 

This is AMAZING! Amazing! I did a full review of this mask - you can see my thoughts here; it also made my Monthly Favorites in August and it also made my 2017 Yearly Skincare Favorites! This has just done wonders for my skin - I think it has totally improved my skin's strength, hydration, and appearance. It is just amazing.
Repurchase: Yes, right away! 

Nuxe Masque Crème Fraîche de Beauté ~ $29. A source of well-being and immediate freshness, this moisturizing mask with Plant Milks and White Blossom provides intensive moisturization even for the driest of skins. 

I haven't used this mask is a long time and I thought I purged most of my collection and I must have missed this (it actually expired in 2016 - I'm fairly flexible with expiry dates but this has been opened and unused for too long). This was just a rinse off mask and was moisturizing; but, it doesn't even look like
 this brand is available online anymore! 

Repurchase: No

Belif The True Cream - Aqua Bomb ~ sample (full size is $47.00 CAN). A gel-cream that 'floods' the skin with a rush of refreshing hydration and minimizes the appearance of pores for soft, smooth, supple skin.

I liked this moisturizer - I think it's a nice light weight moisturizer. I think this might work a little better for me in Spring/Summer than in Winter, I just needed a touch more out of this in my super dry climate! 
Repurchase: Potentially, yes! 

CosRX - Acne Pimple Master Patch ~ $5.00 CAN. You can use these patches on existing pimples - helping them go down in size by sucking out the gunk from the pimple and almost diminishing them completely, or on pimples that you picked and/or popped (not recommended, but we know it happens!) to make sure they heal properly with no nasty infections. 

These are hands down sooo good! These made my favorite products in September 2015 and I have continued to repurchase these multiple times! These are great to use on pimples that are building under the surface or that have surfaced that you don't want to pop! These clear up pimples quickly work so well. 
Repurchase: Yes!!!! 

SK-II 'Genoptics' Aura Essence Serum ~ sample (full size is approx. $313.38 CAN). SK-II Genoptics Spot Essence is a targeted serum that reduces your skin's hidden and visible spot formations to reveal a brighter aura glow.

Ok, holy shit - I didn't even know the price when I used this sample. But, I didn't think this did much for me. And, for a serum it was weirdly shimmery and it didn't absorb nicely in to my skin at all - i think the aura glow comes from the shimmer in it not from it fixing your skin.
Repurchase: Ha, nooooo 

Su:m37 Flawless Regenerating Essence ~ sample (10 samples for 2,800 Won - approx. $2.40 USD). 

I have shared this a few times on here as I bought a pack of 10 samples a long time ago. This serum is a creamy texture and it made my skin feel nice; but, it was a little too medicinal smelling for my liking or continual use. 
Repurchase: No

Clarins Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover ~ deluxe sample (full size is $29.00 CAN). This refreshing and soothing lotion perfectly and gently removes make-up and impurities.

This was good - I thought it did remove my eye make up (some really heavy make up too a little work) and it was gentle. While it was good and I liked it, I just don't think it lived up to my Bioderma Micellar water. 
Repurchase: Probably not 

Jus D'Amour Bath Bomb Trinity ~ $28.00. Wake up with the scent of eucalyptus, peppermint, and lime; take a deep breath with lavender, chamomile and ylang ylang; or set the mood with a love potion featuring jasmine, rose, and sandalwood.

This was a set of 3 bath bombs - I received this a long time ago in a FabFitFun box and probably should have used it sooner than I did. I found the bath bombs to be a little on the small side and they didn't really fizz or last long either. 
Repurchase: No

North American Hemp Co. Hemp Holy Grail Body Lotion ~ sample size (full size is $10.49 CAN). Your skin is soothed immediately with this fast absorbing lotion, improving moisture content for up to 24 hours. 

For me, this had way to musky of a scent for me (which is actually pretty common with hemp based products for me!) The lotion itself though was thick and moisturizing and worked well.
Repurchase: Not likely

Weleda Sea Buckthorn Creamy Body Wash ~ sample (full size is $13.99 CAN). Gently cleanses, revitalizes and nourishes the skin without synthetic detergents.

I could not get past this scent - I actually really like the Weleda Sea Buckthorn spray; but, this just did not smell good to me. It was too strong.
Repurchase: No

Novex Brazilian Keratin Deep Conditioning Hair Mask ~ sample size 3.5 oz for $1.70 (full size is 35 oz for $16.99). Novex Brazilian Keratin Deep Conditioning Hair Mask is an enhanced treatment to restore smoothness and deep repair all types of hair. 

I received so many deep conditioning masks when I was subscribed to Tobox and Ipsy - this came in one of them. This was fine - I thought it worked well and was really nourishing for my hair. But, I hate using potted products, especially that this one was deep and trying to get the last bit of product out was not easy.
Repurchase: Probably not... 

Crest Pro-Health Advanced Rinse ~ $7.99. 

This is the best mouthwash ever - I hate mouthwashing (is that okay to admit here?!) but this one doesn't taste quite as terrible burning as the rest! 
Repurchase: Yes 

Mitchum Clinical Soft Solid x2 ~ $8.99. 

Deodorant is nothing special; but, I love the clinical strength formula and this brand is my go to. I like that it is both an antiperspirant and a deodorant. It works the best! But, weirdly one of these broke before I could even use it, and at the end of the second one the twisty tab almost broke off too. 

Repurchase: Yes

Bausch + Lomb Sensitive Eyes Multi-purpose Solution ~ $10.99 for full size. 

Not a very exciting product - I wear contacts and this is the only contact solution I use. It works well.
Repurchase: Yes, already have! 

Crest 3D White Foaming Clean Whitening Toothpaste ~ $2.96 CAN. 

It's toothpaste - I never even know if I should include this; but, whatever I used it up and it's part of my skin/care routine.
Repurchase: Ya, it worked 

Lush Scrubee Body Butter ~ $7.95. This happy little bee looks innocent enough, but it means business when it comes to buffing your skin smooth.

This is hands down one of the best body products I have ever used - it is a scrub and a body butter combined that actually works to exfoliate the skin; but, leave it super smooth and hydrated! I have a full review on it here, plus it made my favorites in August and my 2017 Skincare Favorites! 
Repurchase: Already have! 

Lush Whole Lotta Love Bubbleroon ~ $8.95 CAN. Show your skin a whole lotta love with silky, hydrating waters and a cloud of fragrant bubbles. 

How adorable is this little bubbleroon?! I love that this looks like a little heart shaped macaron with a glittery gold filling! And, this smelled great! My bath was a bright pink; but, it didn't leave any colour or glitter left in the bath tub - it was very bubbly too! 
Repurchase: If I see it again next Valentine's Day! 

Lush Love Boat Bath Bomb ~ $7.95 CAN. It's not any old boat; it's a love boat, baby.

This was so cute; plus, it actually little confetti on the bottom of the boat and left the bath a a light purple! It smelled good and was super cute! 
Repurchase: Again, it was limited edition for V-Day so maybe next year!

Lush Giant Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb ~ $19.95 CAN. When it comes to rose petal-filled bath bombs, bigger is always better. So we made this oversized fizzer about three times the size of a regular bath bomb!

This bath bomb is ENORMOUS! I love that this is filled with rose petals - and it fizzed for so long and was really amazing! It left the bath a nice pink with a gentle rose scent and rose petals floating around! 

Repurchase: Limited edition, but yes for next year! 

So, for February I used up 30 products! Again, this is a pretty good month of products that I used up! Plus, I was really impressed with the number of make up products I used up this month - it's always impressive to get through a mascara, blush, lip balm and more! 

And, now here is a look at my Mask Empties/Month in Masks for February:

February 2 
Ice Water Eyes by ToGoSpa - The De-Puffer ~ $15.00 US for 3 sets. Cool, soothing relief that is especially good for headaches, allergies, hangovers, fatigue and bad attitudes. 

I found these eye masks as part of my purge - they expired about mid-2017 so I have no problem using them; but, they hardly have any essence left in them so they didn't last too long. I generally really like ToGoSpa eye masks and haven't had that problem before. They didn't work as good as they should! 

Repurchase: Maybe, I do like some of the other ToGoSpa eye types more! 

The Face Shop Real Nature Face Mask - Acai Berry ~ $3.00 CAN. This Acai Berry Face Mask offers you soft, firm skin in no time!

I know these Face Shop masks fit really big and normally I don't mind; but, for some reason this one fit extra huge on my face. It made it really hard to wear. It worked ok - not my favorite type.

Repurchase: Mmm... maybe not this one

February 3 

About Me Essential Goal Milk Mask Sheet ~ $1.00 US. Nourishing & moisturizing mask that intensely moisturizes with goal milk extract.

This mask was a little dry to me - I prefer a little more essence. This lasted about 15 minutes on my face. It was fine - my skin felt nice and soft after so I like the goat milk on my skin; but, this brand didn't really wow me.
Repurchase: No

February 6 

Fresh Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask ~ sample size (full size is 100 ml for $112.00). Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask with advanced antioxidants is a hydrating treatment that immediately reveals softer, firmer, healthier-looking skin. 

This is a leave on mask and it has a really great texture - it is light and velvety and feels so smooth and soft on the skin! This smells amazing (like cucumbers - really refreshing) and made my skin look really good! I loved this! I reviewed this for a Skincare Sunday post a while ago - you an see the detailed review here
Repurchase: Maybe, it's expensive, but so good!

February 10

My Beauty Diary: Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Mask ~ $1.99 US. Contains pure hyaluronic acid, an active moisturizer that supports the structure and elasticity of your natural collagen.

I usually think My Beauty Diary masks fit way too big for me; but, this one fit surprisingly well! I like this - I thought it delivered results and my skin was super soft and smooth after using this! It lasted about 30 minutes too.

Repurchase: Ya, I would consider it! 

February 11
Ice Water Eyes by ToGoSpa - The De-Puffer ~ $15.00 US for 3 sets. Cool, soothing relief that is especially good for headaches, allergies, hangovers, fatigue and bad attitudes. 

Same as above! 

Skoah AHA Mask ~ sample $6.00 (full size is $38.00). A tingling peppermint infused mask to loosen and lift dead, tired skin. 

Skoah Klearity Mask ~ sample $6.00 (full size is $48.00). This mask helps provide 'klearity', err clarity. Great for blemished, oily, and acne-prone skin. 

I always mix these 2 masks together - wear for 15 minutes and then rinse off. I love the aha because it is tingly and pepperminty and the klearity works well for my blemishes! My skin looked so good the next day - it was bright and clear. I love this combination.
Repurchase: Yes to both of them! 

February 14

Vichy Quenching Mineral Skin Mask ~ $34.00 CAN. Instantly hydrates and soothes, while leaving skin feeling fresh thanks to its mineral rich formula and liquid gel texture.

This is an easy to use 5-minute hydration mask - you apply it to the skin, and the massage the remaining mask in to the skin. This was hydrating; but, I woke up the next morning with a lot more texture on my forehead than the previous day. I'm not positive it's from this mask; but, I will keep my eye on it next time I use it!

Repurchase: Not sure yet... 

February 16

The Face Shop - Intense Brightening Mascream Sheet ~ $5.00 CAN. First mask sheet with cream that feels like applying a whole jar of cream.

I am a huge fan of the Mascream line - I love them! They are so full of essence and last for so long on the face, fit well, and deliver serious hydration! Love! 
The creamy essence makes using them a really different experience than a regular sheet mask! I reviewed a firming sheet mask here, and this made my Monthly Favorites in February of last year! 

Repurchase: Yes! 

February 19

Sexylook x Disney Princess Black Mask- Snow White ~ $3.00 US. This princess mask contains Apple extract. Helps to improve the function of skin aging and improve skin damage. Leaves skin radiant.

How terrifying do I look in this beautiful princess mask?! I like this line of masks - they are super saturated in essence and last well over 45 minutes on the face. I needed this on my skin and worked so well! Really enjoy this line! 
Repurchase: Yes! 

February 20
Beauty Clinic Mediheal Snail Aquaring SOS Mask ~ $4.49 CAN. "Dr. Post" Snail Aquaring SOS Mask is a special moisturizing clinic system which intensively manages skin which has been damaged by dry environment.

This mask is my FAVORITE - like holy grail level mask! I reviewed this mask in the past and you can check out my review here! This leaves my skin soooo hydrated and amazing feeling! Plus it clears blemishes and brightens skin. Best mask ever! Hands down. (I had a job interview the next day and NEEDED my skin to look great!)
Repurchase: Yes!

February 21
Dr. Jart + Shake & Shot Rubber Mask - "Firming" ~ $15.00 CAN. A fun, DIY rubbery modeling mask that infuses skin with potent actives to smooth for a healthy, dewy-looking complexion.

This packaging is just hilarious and amazing all at the same time! I think it's so fun and creative - this is really what the word "skincaretainment" makes me think of! I did a whole review of this mask on a Mask Wednesday post here! You mix 2 packets in the cup and then apply that mixture to the face, wait for it to dry and then peel off! It doesn't dry down hard and comes off easy! I really liked the results! 
Repurchase: Maybe, I could try another type...

February 24
Missha Pure Source Cell Sheet Mask (Honey) ~ $2.00 US. With its compact woven cells, this sheet masks adheres lightly to skin to effectively deliver active ingredients.

This mask hit so huge - it was almost hard to wear. It smelled lightly of honey; but, I just couldn't wear this for very long because it was all over the place because it was too big. 
Repurchase: Nope

February 28
Innisfree Skin Clinic Mask - Vita C ~ $2.87 CAN. This fine delicate cotton mask with functional whitening improving benefits contains vitamin C derivatives to brighten your dull skin, leaving it looking clear and radiant.

I like Innisfree masks generally - this one was pretty good. It wore for about 30 minutes and it was fine. My skin felt good after; but, this wasn't the most amazing mask ever. This was fine.
Repurchase: Eh, maybe... 

So in addition to the 30 products I used up, I also used 15 masks! 

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