Thursday, February 8, 2018

Lush Valentine's Day Collection

Alright, there is officially less than 1 week until Valentine's Day! If you need any gift ideas for your significant other, or a treat for yourself, then you need to check out some of the goodies from the Lush Valentine's Day collection! 

It's no secret I'm not the most romantic person (hello - Valentine's Day at my house involves us ordering a heart shape pizza); but, no one does Valentine's Day treats better than Lush! So, after my pizza I can have a delicious smelling, pink bubble bath! 

As usual with most of Lush's holiday collection, there re-released some of their old Valentine's Day classics and some really exciting NEW products! 

Plus, when your products are cute enough to play with, how can you resist?! As usual, Lush makes amazing holiday collections - even if you are not a Valentine's Day lover, I think you will love some of the products in this collection! 

Lush Giant Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb ~ $19.95 CAN. When it comes to rose petal-filled bath bombs, bigger is always better. So we made this oversized fizzer about three times the size of a regular bath bomb! Drop it into the tub (yes, the whole thing) and watch as it's transformed into a pastel pink, rose-filled oasis. As its outer shell fizzes away, a luxurious cascade of yellow rose petals emerges, along with softening, mineral-rich sea salt. The romantic perfume of rose absolute, rose oil and Sicilian lemon oil envelops your senses and fills you with loving feelings.

This bath bomb is ENORMOUS! I love that this is filled with rose petals - I'm planning on using on Valentine's Day for a nice relaxing, romantical bubblebath with a book, a face mask and a glass of wine. It smells nice and rosey; but, not overwhelmingly floral. 

Lush Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb ~ $8.95 CAN. Slip into the tub with a Rose Bombshell and let your troubles float away like rose petals on the breeze. As its outer shell fizzes away, it releases a luxurious cascade of real yellow rose petals and mineral-rich sea salt. The intoxicating perfume of rose absolute, rose oil and Sicilian lemon oil envelops your senses for a whole new level of bathing luxury.

This is a normal size rose bath bomb that looks itty bitty compared to the giant bath bomb! This is just like the giant rose bombshell; but, on a normal scale! 

Lush Whole Lotta Love Bubbleroon ~ $8.95 CAN. Show your skin a whole lotta love with silky, hydrating waters and a cloud of fragrant bubbles. Flirty rose and sensual jasmine swirl together with crisp lemongrass and bergamot to create a sweet, tart take on a delicious caramel apple scent. While all eyes are on the deep red waters swirling with delicate golden shimmer, a creamy blend of murumuru butter and fair trade organic cocoa butter bestow your body with a conditioning caress.

How adorable is this little bubbleroon?! I love that this looks like a little heart shaped macaron with a glittery gold filling! And, this smelled great! My bath was a bright pink; but, it didn't leave any colour or glitter left in the bath tub - it was very bubbly too! The perfect pink bubble bath for Valentine's Day! 

Lush Tisty Tosty Bath Bomb ~ $6.95 CAN. At the heart of the matter, Tisty Tosty is a bathtime love potion that's made to stir passions. Drop it into the tub to luxuriate among the romantic aromas of rose and jasmine absolutes, and watch as whole rosebuds saunter across the softening waters. Invite a friend to share your bath—it'll be love at first sniff with this sensual fizzer!

If this bath bomb doesn't scream Valentine's Day then I don't know what does! I love that this has little rose buds in it - just like the rose petals in the rose bombshell, it just makes a bath feel a little more luxurious right?! Plus, I will always take a pink bath! 

Lush Heart of Enlightened Expectation Bubble Bar Melt ~ $8.95 CAN. Set loving intentions as you crumble this romantic heart into your tub. A rich topping of fair trade organic cocoa butter turns bathwater into a silky, softening sanctuary to leave skin moisturized and velvety. A romantic bouquet of jasmine, rose and ylang ylang enchants the senses as fluffy bubbles create a cocoon of coziness. Welcome to the age of bathtime enlightenment!

This is such a unique product - it's a bubble bar, but has a little icing topping of a soothing bath melt of cocoa butter! This looks like a cute little iced heart cookie. I love how softening Lush bath melts are because they leave a really soft layer on the skin; but, I do usually pair them with another bath product (such as a bath bomb) in the bath - so for me, this is perfect! It gives benefits of both products and has a really relaxing, cocoa butter scent with a hint of floral notes! 

Lush Cherryish Shower Scrub ~ $12.95 CAN. If it's irresistibly soft skin you cherish, scrub up with this decadent chocolate-cherry treat. Fair trade organic cocoa butter and murumuru butter meet for the creamiest, most softening base, while ground cherry stones and sea salt gently scrub away dryness. Vegan white chocolate, cocoa absolute and dried cherries create a crave-worthy scent that'll last all night. Oh my!

YAAAASSSS.... I'm so excited for this product! I am a huge fan of the Lush Scrubee and now there is a chocolate cherry version of it! I am such a huge of this type of product - it exfoliates the skin in the shower and leaves a really moisturizing layer that leaves your skin hydrated all day without a lotion! 

Lush Melt My Heart Massage Bar ~ $7.95 CAN. For the most blissful night in you can imagine, heat things up with this flower-studded bar. Its luxurious blend of cocoa and shea butters melts right into the skin to create the perfect massage oil so you can knead away tension and stress with ease. Breathe in its sweet, verdant perfume of orange flower and violet leaf and you'll be transported to the tropical island getaway of your dreams.

The massage bars are always a classic Lush product - plus, nice and romantic gift for Valentine's Day! This has a really gentle orange, floral note and these massage bars start nice and solid; but, they heat up and melt over the body quickly and are so soothing on the skin! 

Lush Kiss Me Quick Wash Card ~ $3.50 CAN. Made with fresh apple pulp, this sweet and spicy soap paper lathers up with water to leave you clean, soft and smelling of mulled spices. The scent of warming clove bud oil and comforting tonka absolute lingers on the skin, creating a cozy come-hither perfume that'll always remind you of Valentine's Day. Pop one into your Valentine's Day cards for a spicy surprise!

This is so cute - a little soap sheet! It smells good and is really adorable! I love the idea of throwing it in a little card for someone. I wasn't sure how to use it at first; but, it's really just like a soap! 

Lush Tender is the Night Naked Shower Cream ~ $24.95 CAN. Get a loving lather going with our limited edition, naked (packaging-free) shower cream. Feel the moisturizing slip of shea and murumuru butters softening your skin as your shower fills up with the creamy, floral scents of jasmine, ylang ylang and vanilla. Once you step out of the steam, your skin will be positively glowing and you'll be ready for love.

I love Lush's naked movement - products with as minimal packaging as possible! These are a little more hydrating than a regular bar of soap and the scent of this is really nice! I'm still using my naked shower gels from the Christmas collection so I will use this one soon! 

Lush Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar ~ $7.95 CAN. Sink into a magical soak filled with mystical essential oils, colorful pastel waters, rainbows and dreams. Lavender, ylang ylang and neroli create a unique and uplifting fragrance as mountains of shimmery bubbles leave you feeling as enchanting and dazzling as unicorns themselves.

Is this not the cutest product?! Okay, maybe just laying there it's not the cutest but once you put it on your face, or someone else's, or your pets, then you know it's just the cutest! I love that this isn't the typical floral scented Valentine's Day product and really would be a great gift for any time - it should be a year round product for Birthday gifts! 

Lush Love Boat Bath Bomb ~ $7.95 CAN. It's not any old boat; it's a love boat, baby. Head to the tub with this fizzy yacht and watch it zoom around, leaving groovy pastel colors and a powdery sweet lemon-orange scent in its wake. Sink deep into relaxation, then emerge with delicately scented skin and a brighter outlook. Don't miss the boat—this one's only here for Valentine's Day!

I don't think I ever have a bath without some type of bath bomb in it, so it's always fun to have lots of cute ones to choose from! The Lush bath bombs are great - this one is so adorable and smells bright and citrusy! You can never go wrong with these in my opinion! 

I'm not the only big fan of the Lush Valentine's Day collection - Mephisto is thrilled with the Unicorn Bubble Bar as well! 

But really, if you love Valentine's Day or not, there is some truly great and unique product in this years line up! I think I'm going to run out and pick up a back up Cherryish immediately! 

What are you eyeing from this year's Valentine's Day collection?! 

*PR samples featured - all opinions are my own! 


  1. omg a unikitty! I didn't know you had a black kitty! /swoon

    Man, I feel like the Vday collection is ENORMOUS this year! What a ton of goodies!

    1. There was sooo many Valentine's Day goodies! I feel like their collections are getting huge - Christmas was overwhelming!
      And yes my black unikitty! He is part of the boys club at my house so he doesn't hang out with me very much! :)

  2. Wow, LUSH really has an amazing Valentine's Day line up of products this year! I especially love the unicorn horn (adorable!) and the bubbleroon and bubble bar. I haven't tried their shower scrubs yet but now I really want to!

    1. They have sooo many amazing products for this year's Valentine's Day collection - and their body scrubs are amazing!