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Skincare Sunday - Lush Christmas Collection!

It's no secret, I'm a pretty dedicated Lushie here! I always get excited for their holidays collections; but, especially their Christmas collection! I always look forward to what new goodies they will come out with each year or if they will re-release my past holiday favorites! (They always release some past products, but it is not guaranteed that anything limited edition from a previous holiday release will come back!)

I felt like they released soooo many products this Christmas that I had to put a limit on myself with how many goodies that I was going to pick up! 

Skincare Sunday - Lush Christmas Collection!

How amazing do all these goodies look?! Everything Lush releases is always so adorable! Lush is really going "naked" and trying to release more and more products with no packaging! 

I'm the biggest fan of the Snow Fairy scent from Lush's Christmas collection - so I was so excited to see not only a Snow Fairy shower gel and lotion released this year, but a ton more Snow Fairy products released including a soap, sparkle jar, fun and more! 

I had to restrain myself and only pick up a few products from the collection:
Skincare Sunday - Lush Christmas Collection!

Lush Snow Fairy Naked Body Conditioner ~ $10.95. Riddle us this: what do you get if you cross our bestselling cotton candy fragrance with fair trade organic cocoa butter, avocado butter and mango butter? This solid, waste-free wonder! Simply smooth over wet skin and let its buttery softness and sweet perfume envelop your senses. 

This is one of the new naked products - it was released in the original formula as well. If you want to see my thoughts on the Snow Fairy Body Conditioner, you can check it out here (it also made my favorites in January this year!) The body conditioners are meant to be used in the shower as the last step then rinsed off. I generally use the original body conditioner as a lotion; because, it works well either way! The naked formula is much better used in the shower and then rinsed off. This smooths easily on to the skin and rinses off leaving the skin really soft! (Also, it leaves the skin shimmery and smelling great!)

Lush Snow Fairy Naked Shower Gel ~ $12.95. A solid, naked shower gel? We know what you're thinking—isn't that just a soap? Nope! Our innovative new naked shower gels are creamier than regular soaps to leave skin more hydrated after washing. Plus, with no plastic bottle to speak of, these solid washes are totally waste-free. 

This shower gel is a Christmas staple - I buy a new one every season! The original version was in my December Favorites last year because it just smells sooo good! The shower gel are really smooth and leaves the skin feeling great. Now, the naked shower gel is a new formula as well and overall, I think I like it! It is creamier than a regular soap and lathers really nicely. I think 

Lush Snow Fairy Jelly Bomb ~ $7.95. Snow Fairy reveals herself in many forms, and this new and exciting jelly bomb is perhaps her most magical manifestation yet! Relax and enjoy the dazzling display of colors as the jelly bubbles on the surface and creates a frothy, foamy layer.

I have been excited to try a Jelly Bomb ever since I saw them in the Halloween collection! How cool does this sound! 

I loved the Jelly Bomb - this worked so well! So it fizzes like a bath bomb; but, then the pink section turns into a jelly layer - it can be ran under water or crumbled up to help break it up. It's such a neat texture and this smells amazing. The jelly layer sits on top of the bath water and leaves the skin leaving super soft! 

Skincare Sunday - Lush Christmas Collection!

Lush Plum Snow Bubble Bar ~ $12.95. Unwind as the bath water settles into a deep purple hue, before you sink into woodsy, green petitgrain and uplifting Sicilian mandarin oils, which will leave you feeling restored and reinvigorated. The inclusion of fruity-floral osmanthus absolute makes this foamer perfect for unwinding after a long day.

This bubble bar is huge!!! It has got to be at least good 2 or 3 baths for sure, maybe even 4! I love the scent of bubble bars are always a good go-to (and perfect for gifting as well!)

Lush The Snowman Bubbleroon ~ $7.95. We've got the perfect pal to help you unwind during the bustling holiday period. Bubbles have never felt so soft, with fair trade organic cocoa and shea butter packed into this bubbleroon, along with a citrusy combo of organic lemon myrtle and Sicilian lemon oils to give you a bathtime boost. Complete with a touch of calming styrax oil, this snowman will quickly become a Christmastime chum.

Is this not the cutest bubble bar ever?! I love this little snowman and they are so fun because they all have a different expression! I haven't used this one yet so make sure you follow me on Instagram so you can see him in action! 

Lush Christmas Sweater Bath Bomb ~ $7.95. Ugly Christmas sweaters are the norm these days, but there's nothing unsightly about this festive fizzer. Drop it into the tub and watch as the magical display of swirling colors brings the water to life. You'll be snug as a bug in a rug when you dip into a warming blend of spicy clove bud, refreshing coriander seed and cleansing Sicilian lemon oils.

I love this Christmas sweater bath bomb - the pattern is adorable and it feels perfect for this time of year! It is a really warm scent so I'm saving it for a cold night as it will feel perfect for then! 

Lush Tree D Luxury Bath Melt ~ $6.95. Drop this mini evergreen tree into your bathwater to benefit from a soak in moisturizing cocoa butter and almond oil. While your skin softens up, a trio of citrus oils—sunny tangerine, bright grapefruit and exotic litsea cubeba—lifts your mood.

Tree-D - what a perfect name! This is great for 2 baths and these melts are really great! It smells really nice and uplifting and is super softening on the skin post-bath. My only note is that it left a slightly waxy ring around the tub! 

Lush Thundersnow Bath Bomb ~ $6.95. This beauty debuted at the Lush Summit earlier this year, and it proved to be so popular that Christmas would feel incomplete without it. Slide under a deeply rich blue-green foam as fresh, tingly peppermint oil envelops your body. A cocoa aroma takes over the tub as you feel the crackling of popping candy on your skin. It'll be tough to find a better holiday treat this year.

Chocolate peppermint is everything you need in a holiday bath! This smells so perfect and makes the bath a perfect blue-green! 

Skincare Sunday - Lush Christmas Collection!

A Lush employee suggested to use Tree D and Thundersnow together and is was a great combo - smelled amazing and was a beautiful colour. Both of these last a long time and made the bath a gorgeous blue-green! 

I'm happy with what I picked up from the Lush Christmas collection! There is so many more goodies in the collection - this didn't even make a dent in it! If you are interested make sure you check your local Lush or to pick up some holiday goodies! 

Also, if you are planning ahead, Lush usually only has one sale a year and it comes on Boxing Day with their Christmas collection so get ready! 

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