Friday, October 13, 2017

Five on Friday - October 13, 2017

Happy Friday everyone!!! Oooh... how spooky a Friday the 13th in October! I'm not superstitious, nor do I watch scary movies, but if I did watch them - I would especially watch one tonight! Maybe, I will catch up on an episode of American Horror Story instead!  


This past weekend was Thanksgiving here in Canada and we had such a lovely family weekend! We had 2 delicious dinners at my mom's house and my inlaw's house - I love turkey dinner; but, the best part of the weekend is acknowledging how thankful I am for these 3 precious boys!


Eeekk... I just shared that I got a new planner recently, so of course that meant that I had to order some new cute stickers right?! I just got these adorable goodies from Uncommon Plans - I picked up some new makeup stickers, awesome Halloween goodies, and Disney and Harry Potter unicorns for our trip to California in January! 

Okay, I'm usually such a t.v. nut and 2 shows started this week - The Bachelor Canada and Riverdale; but, I haven't watched either yet! I have them both recorded so I will watch them soon! Did you watch either? How was it?

I finally finished my Gilmore Girls and Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life marathon on Netflix. I still can't believe as a 90's/2000's girls that I didn't watch this. I mean overall I enjoyed the show - I started getting a little annoyed in season 7 as it seemed like they were running out of story lines, but they always had cute banter and fun characters! Cute, easy watch! 


I have complained a lot about my husband working out of town for the past few weeks. The only way he can redeem himself is stopping at The Donut Mill in Red Deer and picking me up a delicious Pumpkin Pie donut (they are soooo good and only available in October!

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