Thursday, October 19, 2017

DIY Mask Thursday - Do It Yourself Pumpkin Face Mask!

Happy Mask Day friends! I'm switching it up from trying a new mask, and today i'm doing something different and making my own mask! I would love to hear what you guys think of the DIY mask and I might do it every month or two with some new fun recipes! Not only is DIY an affordable option, everything is fresh and natural.

DIY Mask Thursday - Do It Yourself Pumpkin Face Mask!

Another great part about DIYing your own mask is that you can adjust the "recipe" to suit your own skin type by adding or omitting ingredients! 

As this was my first DIY mask, I stuck to a pretty basic recipe:
2 TBSP pumpkin puree (fresh is great, but I just used canned!)
1 raw egg, whisked
1 TBSP raw honey 

Pumpkin is a great ingredient for the skin - it's packed with vitamins and awesome ingredients that help rejuvenate and brighten the skin while protecting from wrinkles and dark spots. 

This mask mixes the pumpkin with some other great foods for the skin - honey and egg! Honey is great for dry skin - I have reviewed a lot of honey masks before, and while they are sticky, they are super hydrating for the skin! Eggs are great because the yolk and whites have different benefits - the yolk really nourishes the skin and the whites tighten the skin.

DIY Mask Thursday - Do It Yourself Pumpkin Face Mask!

Here are a few variations of the mask that you can add depending on your skin type and needs:
1 TSP fresh lemon juice (for brightening)
1/2 TSP apple cider vinegar (for detoxing the skin good and restoring ph balance)
1 TBSP sugar (for an exfoliant)
1 TBSP ground oats (for cleansing and smoothing)

There are also a few recipes out there that call for cinnamon or cumin or other spices added to the face mask - I'm personally not comfortable adding spices and such on to my face as they can be a little touchy and I think the masks are very beneficial as they are! 

DIY Mask Thursday - Do It Yourself Pumpkin Face Mask!

Here is the texture of my mask just as my recipe calls for - if you want it to be a little thicker, add more pumpkin and change the level of ingredients to suit your tastes! Now, when making DIY masks it's recommended to always patch test on yourself first - i'm not a medical professional/scientist or anything else, so I cannot guarantee that this will work for you! 

DIY Mask Thursday - Do It Yourself Pumpkin Face Mask!

This mask is easy to use - wash your face, apply toner and then smooth a thick layer of the mask over your face, wear for 15-20 minutes, rinse ofd mask and complete skincare routine. 

DIY Mask Thursday - Do It Yourself Pumpkin Face Mask!

This mask dries down on the skin, but doesn't get tight or uncomfortable while it's drying (plus, it's an actually Fall mask that smells like Pumpkin!!!) It was fairly easy to rinse off of and I thought it worked well for my skin. Instantly after rinsing it off, my skin felt good but my pores on my nose/cheeks were a little red a tight (i'm going to guess this is from the eggs whites). Now, it didn't feel bad as my skin felt clean and refreshed but I did want to mention because my suggestion would be to use this as an evening mask. I find especially with honey masks that the benefits are almost felt better the following morning. The redness did not last long and my skin was super soft and bright the following morning! 

I would absolutely make this mask again! Plus, when I open a can of pumpkin I can make pumpkin pancakes at the same time! 

Also, most homemade masks can be stored in the fridge for 1 week; but, with this one I wouldn't do it because of the raw egg in it!

Do you have a favorite DIY mask recipe? I'm really looking forward to trying more of these!

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