Thursday, January 8, 2015

December 2014 My Subscription Addiction Quarterly Co. Box Review #MSA02

Quarterly Co. is a quarterly subscription box company that features boxes curated by celebrities and personalities you love. The subscriptions range from fashion to food to books and include packages curated by people from Bill Nye to Pharrel Williams to Rosario Dawson, etc. Most packages are $50 but a couple are $100 plus shipping (shipping to Canada is a little hefty on this site - $10-$20 per package so make sure you are signing up for one you really want!).

I was so excited when Liz from My Subscription Addiction announced that she was a new curator for Quarterly Co - this is her second box and I was pleased with the first box in October. The box will include items from Beauty, Lifestyle and Fashion. Liz describes her subscription as "each quarter, I'll send you my ingredient-conscious picks for beauty, fashion, and lifestyle."

This Box was $50 (plus $20 shipping to Canada) - I do find shipping a bit slow to Canada but it happens with all the boxes, so I am used to it! 

Here is a look at the #MSA02 Box:

The box is so big because there is a big blanket! What I love about Quarterly Co. boxes is that they include a detailed letter from the curator describing why they included each item!

Liz describes this box as: 
“For this winter box, I wanted to include everything you need for a cozy day at home, a little holiday sparkle, and one of my favorite winter skincare items!”

Here is a closer look at all the products inside:

Faribault Woolen Mill Co. Recycled Wool Throw with Red Whip Stitching ~ $65. A recycled wool blend gives the throw its unique heathered gray appearance and texture. And although our mill is dedicated to natural and renewable wool, for our recycled throw we’ve deliberately added a touch of recycled acrylic. Not only does it save a vast amount of acrylic fibers from a trip to the landfill, but it also makes the throw even softer.
Liz included this because it is a mix of recycled wool and acrylic so it is softer than the average wool blanket - and each time you wash it, it will get softer. I'm personally not a huge fan of wool - but i still think it would a great addition to my blanket ladder! I'm torn on keeping or gifting! 

Foot Traffic Fuzzy Slipper Socks ~ $9. These are non-skid socks - and Liz included them because they are a requirement for a cozy day at home! 
These are fine - I like that they have "grippers" on the bottom because I find fuzzy socks so slippery on hardwood floors! 

*no picture - Next Issue Exclusive Offer ~ $14.99. "Next Issue" is a magazine app that allows you to access over 140 different monthly magazines! Next issues is offering all MSA subscribers 1 month free, and the next 2 months at 50% off. (I have not signed up for this yet, but it may require you to input credit card info and then cancel when you wish!).

Bauble Bar Ice Circle Pendant ~ $32. This is beautiful, very delicate looking piece of jewellery. Usually subscription boxes include big chunky necklaces, so this is a welcome change. Liz explains that she wanted to include a "sparkly yet subtle piece of jewellery". It can be worn on it's own or layered. 
I am loving this necklace! 

Au Naturale Creme Eye Shadows ~ $40 for 2. Au Naturale's makeup is organic, non-toxic, gluten-free, paraben-free, vegan, non-nano, and made is the USA at a certified USDA Organic Facility. All subscriber's received "White Quartz" - great for a highlighter, and a color made exclusive for this box, "Addiction" - an antique gold shade. 
I like both of the colors - I don't normally wear cream eyeshadows, but I will certainly play around with them and see what I can do!

Yes To Carrots Fragrance Free Intense Hydration Night Cream ~ $13. Say YES to a fragrance-free night cream that does all the heavy lifting while you catch some zzz's. The NEW and improved Yes to Carrots Fragrance Free Intense Hydration Night Cream gives a boost of intense hydration - promoting softer, smoother and healthier skin.This dermatologist-tested night cream is perfect for normal-to-dry types looking for a nourishing, fragrance-free formula to help protect delicate skin.
I think some people were not happy to get this product because they didn't think it was "high-end" enough. It was included because "Yes to Carrots" is an ingredient-conscious brand that is affordable. I like that idea - it's hard to get a face cream you love, when you have to spend $90 to get it full sized! I like that this is great for sensitive, dry skin (because that's what I have) and I liked it!

All together for $70 (with Canadian shipping), the #MSA02 had a total value of $173.99 - which is a great value! This wasn't my favorite box but I really like some of the items - I love the cream, necklace, and eyeshadow! The blanket, next issue offer, and socks were just okay. I will certainly keep subscribing, I love the lifestyle surprises and that everything in these boxes will be ingredient-concious!

Did you receive #MSA02? What did you think of this box?


  1. Great review -- I say keep the blanket, it seems like you are always quick to gift :-) You deserve to keep more for yourself :-) I recently discovered your blog and enjoy it. I am still reading reviews of subscription boxes on a few sites - I am from Alberta as well so Canadian shipping is so important. Still undecided which one to sign up for! I noticed you were looking at making a sell/swap site -- some blogs just use Pinterest which seems to work (I've bought things from Lisa at Girl meets Box). take care and have a great day!

    1. Thanks for the kind words Brenda! I think I feel a little guilty for splurging on so many boxes - so I always feel better if I give some of it away :) I do think I will end up keeping the blanket!! Hopefully I can help too if you are still looking into which box(es) to sign up for! I agree research from lots of places is always a good idea! Thanks for the tip on the sell/swap site!!

  2. This socks were so cute! I really love your blog and the boxes that you review. Please check out my blog I nominated you for an award!