Friday, November 28, 2014

November 2014 Beauty Box 5 - Review and Unboxing

Beauty Box 5 is a monthly subscription box that costs $12 US per month + $3 shipping to Canada. If you sign up for a longer subscription, you get a lower price per box: $30 quarterly, and $99 a year ( plus $3 shipping per month). 

I signed up for Beauty Box 5 when they had a promotional code for $12 off a year (and before they started charging for shipping!) - so I got a full year for $87. This worked out to $97.60 Canadian with the exchange rate so I only pay $8.14 a month for this subscription.

Beauty Box 5 has been referred to as the"starter beauty box" - it does not send many high end products and the value tends to be lower than other boxes but they often do have really good products.

Here is the November Beauty Box 5:

The theme for this month is "Grounded Beauty" - all about giving your body extra attention with these items in your pampering routine. 

Here is a closer look at the products inside:
Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash ~ sample size 53ml for $1.27 (full size is 354ml for $7.99). Dove is fine for body wash - this isn't the most thrilling product to receive but I will use it. 

Hask Macadamia Revitalizing Shine Oil ~ $2.99 for 18ml. Dry hair is thirsty hair! Quench its thirst with Hask® Macadamia Oil Moisturizing Shine Oil. This lightweight, instantly absorbing oil is alcohol-free and rich in Omega 7, Vitamin E & Antioxidants. Macadamia Oil helps to replenish moisture and seal the hair cuticle for added softness to transform dry, damaged hair into soft, silky locks. The delicious scent will delight your senses. I may pass this one on too, the reviews sound decent but I have so many hair products right now!

Laura Ashley Body Butter in "Spring Lavender" ~ $3.33 (from a set of 6 for $20). Body butters are fine - I am a little picky about body lotions as some scents I find irritating so I may pass this one on without trying it out just in case.

Refillable Travel Bottle by AfterFeather ~ $4.48 (set of 2 for $8.95). This is practical - although I do have quite a few already (that I did not pay almost $5 a piece for!). This is not an exciting item to receive in a beauty box but I will use it. 

DenTek Floss Picks + Case ~ 1 case with 6 picks for $0.62 (4 cases + picks for $2.49).  This is definitely not a "beauty box" item in beauty terms but I guess you can say that it is practical. I do always carry floss around in my purse so I see the point of it and will put it in my purse instead. 

This box costs $15 per month - in it there was 5 items with a value of $12.69. 
I paid only $8 with a coupon code and before shipping costs were introduced to Canada, it still has a higher value than what I paid. If I paid full price for this I would be unimpressed with the value (I still am) and the products were not exciting. When I think of "beauty box" I think of skin care, makeup, etc - not of flossers, body wash and an empty container. 
I really hope Beauty Box 5 steps it up for next month!

Do you subscribe to Beauty Box 5? What did you think of this month's box?


  1. I'm so glad I didn't subscribe to this 3 months ago when I was considering it. Last 3 boxes have screamed "dollar store special" I love my ipsy topbox (even though I'm mad at top box for the flare box disaster) and now birchbox for the cheaper boxes!

    1. Yes - i'm on the year so I can't unsubscribe yet, but at the end of my year I am going to! Toothpicks in a beauty box?! Ugh - I love Ipsy and TopBox too (but I don't know what the Flare disaster is??? I got the LouLou and it was okay!)

    2. I ordered and paid for 5 of the flare boxes. They only shipped me one and one of the products had exploded and wrecked the box contents. After a week of back and forth with customer service I was told they would send me 5 new boxes. 2 days later I was informed that they didn't have any left. 4 days later I was refunded. I had ordered 3 for friends. And wanted 2 for myself. Was super disappointing.

    3. Almost everyone who ordered them had the same bb cream explode and wreck the box. Wasn't packaged well at all.

    4. Oh ya - that sounds awful what a mess! yikes!