Friday, April 1, 2022

Five on Friday - April 1, 2022 ~ Yardley Spring Products, Wine Night, Bridgerton Season 2, Thrifted Games, and Monthly Declutter

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you all had a great week - and Happy April Fool's Day if that's still a thing?! (My oldest is too old and youngest hasn't gotten in to the pranks yet, so I'm feeling safe this year!)


The Yardley set was received as a PR packaging - this post contains affiliate links

Okay, I don't often share full PR packages that I receive, but I honestly thought this little Spring set from Yardley was just the cutest! It came with the foldable tray that looks perfect for a picnic (I never seen these before, but will absolutely use this when we get out with snacks and food!) Plus little gardening, beauty tools, and a lavender plant! 

But, of course most important is the Yardley Spring scented products - I've talked about these scents in perfumes and sprays before, but I'm excited to use the body washes ($12.99 CAN each) and lotions ($9.99 CAN each) and their floral scents are always perfect for Spring! 


I chatted last week that I hosted a Wine Night at my house and it turned out so good! We picked 10 wines from our cellar and did a full menu tasting with our family and had a blast! The best were probably the Chronic Cellars Rose (I'm going to have to try more from this company) and the Prophecy Pinot Noir (so delicious)! Plus, almost just as important, we had some great food - I made a buffalo white bean dip, appetizer skewers, bruschetta, spinach dip and salad rolls! 


Are you all watching season 2 of Bridgerton?! I'm so excited for this - I loved the first season, and I like that each season focuses on a different sibling! I'm only a few episodes in, but I enjoy it - it's a little more toned down than the first season which is a little unexpected with this character, but so far so good! 


Alright, one of my favourite things to find at thrift stores are games - I'm pretty excited about these finds. We have some other wooden games by this company, plus love games for younger players so my son can play! Also, the Balderdash looked like it was in great shape, and turns out it's brand new - everything wrapped inside! Both for under $10! Woo! 


And the tiniest monthly declutter - just getting rid of this Milk blush. This was fine, but I want a cream blush I can apply better with a brush as I don't want to swipe this over a base layer of makeup and it wasn't pigmented with a brush using it recently. 

I hope you all have a great weekend! 

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