Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Manicure Tuesday - Pastel Tip Sephora Nail Stickers

Happy Mani Day - I'm a little late with my nails this week, but we were out enjoying the cabin for the Easter weekend, and when we got home Monday I had to turn around and drive up to Edmonton to start a training course for the week, so it's been a little crazy! 

Manicure Tuesday - Pastel Tip Sephora Nail Stickers
I used my points on these nail stickers

I actually did my nails while we were driving yesterday (I wasn't the driver myself, don't worry) - I went with a coworker and applied these while she was driving so that my nails were done for this morning. 

These are actually only available as a points purchase - 150 points for 32 nail stickers. There is 2 packs of 16, so it's not a bad deal and there is 4 different colours of nail tips. The only thing I noticed were some had different lengths for the tips and I can't tell if that from using a different side of the wrap or not! 

Manicure Tuesday - Pastel Tip Sephora Nail Stickers

These were super easy to apply - just lift them up off the backing and adhere to the nail. Smooth out and file off the excess. These don't come with a file, so you will have to use one you have. Also, I found they needed a top coat to not lift at the tip of my nails. 

These applied well and are still available for points purchase with an order; but, my only concern is that they are peel-off wraps, instead of ones you use with nail polish remover, so I'm not thrilled as I find those always peel my nails a little bit when removing! But, they were quick and that's what I needed this week! 

Hope you all have a good week! 


  1. Hey, good for you for still doing your nails even with the crazy schedule! The nail tips look pretty good!