Saturday, November 6, 2021

Five on Saturday - November 6, 2021 ~ Family Halloween Costumes, Blinddatewithabookyyc Gift Sets, My Birthday Weekend, October Declutter, Bh Cosmetics Citrine Palette

Happy Saturday everyone - hope you all had a good week! I spent most of my week in Edmonton this week doing some training, so it's been pretty quiet! 


spiderverse halloween costumes
I purchased everything in this post

I hope you all had an amazing Halloween - you know we love our costumes around here and I already showed a little sneak peek at my Ghost Spider make-up, but here are all our Spiderverse costumes! I was Ghost Spider, Damian was Spider Noir, Elliott was Carnage and Mitch was Venom! Elliott loved trick-or-treating and was a big fan of checking out the decorations as we went to everyone's house! 


I'm adding a little more to my @blinddatewithabookyyc goodies and thought in time for the holidays, that gift sets would be a fun little addition! So $30 for a surprise book, bookmark, bath salts, eye mask, tea and a candle! Make sure you follow along on my page if you are interested! 


It's my birthday weekend - I turn 35 tomorrow, so I'm having lots of family dinners and celebrating with everyone for the weekend! Also, we are going out for sushi on Sunday and I'm looking forward to it! Birthdays are so weird with covid still, but I'm glad we can at least see family this year! 


Just a small declutter for the month of October - a couple of scents that I wasn't reaching for, a makeup brush and a tanning water that wasn't really working for me. 


I have been eagerly awaiting my birthday month for the release of the bhcosmetics astrological palettes, but while the Citrine palette (I always call it Topaz for the birthstone), was released, I felt like I already had some yellows, I decided to pass - what do you think? Did you get your birthday month palette?! 

I hope you all have a great weekend! 

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