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Tok Beauty - Eyes That Tok Mascara and Lip Tonic Swatches and Thoughts

I've really wanted to try new brands this year, and the pandemic has really helped encourage me to find new, local brands to try! Cue, Tok Beauty! 

Tok Beauty - Eyes That Tok Mascara and Lip Tonic Swatches and Thoughts
I purchased everything myself - this post contains affiliate links

There are not many Calgary brands that focus on makeup, so I'm always excited to find them and support them! I just received the Eyes That Tok mascara in my Summer 2021 Jilly Box, and so I checked them out and also picked up the Lip Tonics so I could try more from the brand! 

Tok Beauty was founded as a way to provide people with products that use plant-based ingredients, are simple to use, and provide great results. Tok is a dedicated to creating a cruelty-free line of products using ethically sourced ingredients, showing that clean products can be affordable and luxurious! They also use recyclable materials when possible for packaging and shipping. 

Tok Beauty - Eyes That Tok Mascara

Tok Beauty Eyes That Tok - Lash Enhancing Mascara ~ $29.00 CAN. A plant-based formula, with a silicone wand to comb every lash, Eyes That TOK Mascara gives your lashes volume and length while conditioning and strengthening your natural lashes to promote healthy lash growth. Using ingredients like horsetail plant to strengthen your lashes, pea protein to prevent breakage, and bayberry wax for an all day water-resistant hold, this everyday mascara will have your lashes looking long and full. 

I have seen Jillian Harris talk about this mascara before, so I was excited that it was included in the Summer 2021 Jilly Box so I could finally try it out! This is described as a lash enhancing formula as well as semi-waterproof. There is ingredients that strengthen the lashes, support growth and add hold to the lashes. 

Personally, the silicone wands aren't my favourite - I tend to prefer big fluffy brushes to add volume to my lashes. But these wands are great for separating and lifting the lashes. This comes in one colour - natural black. 

Tok Beauty - Eyes That Tok Mascara

I tend to be a 3 coat of mascara person, so that is how this mascara is pictured. This is a really natural finish mascara - a little lift, colour and separation for the lashes. Each coat didn't add a ton of volume on top of the layers, it still looked pretty natural. 

The formula doesn't smudge after wearing (maybe transfers a little to the lid on application), but it wears all day and looks pretty. I personally tend to prefer a more voluminous formula as my lashes are long and curled naturally, but I do think this is a good mascara formula if you are looking for a clean formula or natural look mascara.

Tok Beauty - Lip Tonic

Tok Beauty Lip Tonic - Lip Enhancing Hydrating Lipgloss ~ $27.00 CAN. This invigorating formula will give your lips a feeling of youthful wellness. Filled with plant-based ingredients like Avocado Oil to nourish and moisturize your lips, Grapefruit and Zinc Oxide to help protect skin from harmful rays, Hyaluronic Acid to lock in moisture to your lips, Lysine for the formation of collagen and protection against infections, and plant-based peptides for a natural plumping effect without the irritation, your lips will look and feel amazing. This tonic of non-sticky, pigmented ingredients will have your lips feeling hydrated, healthy and smooth. 

This is a hydrating lip gloss formula full of plant-based ingredients meant to nourish and hydrate the lips while adding a little gentle pop of colour and gloss! 

I picked up all four shades in the range to try them all out: Kind, Glow, Inspire and Rise! 

Tok Beauty - Lip Tonic

Here is a look at the shades swatched - this is a really nice formula. It's smooth and comfortable, adds a really nice wash of colour to the lips and is really pretty! I like the addition of sun protection, because they are lovely to wear and perfect for year-round wear, but especially in the Summer! 

Tok Beauty - Lip Tonic Kind

Kind ~ Beach Sand Beige 

This is a really light shade - probably lighter than my personal preference, but since I like this formula I will hang on to this and use it as a topper shade or something to lighten up deeper shades. 

Tok Beauty Lip Tonic Glow

Glow ~ Sheer Gold 

I was worried about how the gold would look on me, but I like the almost light brown look of it - it gives off a little 90s vibe! I like the gold finish! 

Tok Beauty  Lip Tonic Inspire

Inspire ~ Soft Mauve 

This was the shade in this formula that I knew I needed to have - I love pinky mauves and they are my go-to shades. I absolutely love this! 

Tok Beauty Lip Tonic Rise

Rise ~ Sheer Cherry Red with Shimmer 

How gorgeous is this shade too?! It swatches darker but sheers out to a nice pop of colour on the lips - I love this one. It was a tiny bit patchy, but because it's a gloss, it still looked good on! 

I'm wearing the Eyes That Tok mascara in all these pictures, so it does make my lashes look long and natural. All these products were all made in Canada, so I loved finding this local Calgary AB brand to support. I love the Lip Tonic formula, especially the Inspire and Rise shades and I do think the mascara formula is nice too! I like the use of plant-based ingredients as well! 

Tok Beauty is available at and Hudson's Bay as well - what do you think of Tok Beauty? 

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