Saturday, July 24, 2021

Five on Saturday - July 24, 2021 ~ June 2021 Owlcrate, Penticton and Revelstoke Visits, my Grandma, and Six Crimson Cranes Pre-order Goodies!

Happy Saturday everyone! I hope you all have had a great week - it's been a really long week, getting back from holidays and getting back to work and some heavy personal stuff as well, so I'm looking forward to the weekend! 


June 2021 Owlcrate
I purchased everything in this post - this post contains affiliate links

I just received my June Owlcrate subscription (there was some delays waiting for products, so it's a little late!) and this month's theme is "Go Your Own Way" - each month the book Owlcrate includes is signed by the author and comes with a note from the author as well. They often have special edition covers just for the box, and they seem to include a lot of exclusive items just for Owlcrate, which is so fun! As a bookworm, I have been loving this subscription! 

The item's included in this month's box are:
  • Book - Sisters Of The Snake by Sasha Nanua & Sarena Nanua ~ This sounds like a chance encounter with girls who like the same (royal and lower class) and it sounds like it will be a swapping situation. I love that this was written by sisters and the cover is usually yellow, so this bright green is beautiful! It is signed, comes with an author letter and art on the back cover. 
  • Lunch Tote ~ This is inspired by Terrasen, a city in the Throne of Glass series. I actually haven't read this series, but I love this lunch bag! It's a good size and the print is lovely (it was done by Jamie Lecour and is exclusive to this box).
  • Foil Art Print ~ This is a Strange the Dreamer art print - it's really lovely, but I haven't read the series myself so it's not something I'm likely to display until I've read the book! It was done by kimcarlika_art. 
  • Water Bottle ~ This is the next in the series of the Reading Through The Seasons drinkware collection with Macarena Chomik and for Summer it's a water bottle! This quote says "Summer Was A Book of Hope" and it's so beautiful! 
  • Enamel Pin ~ This is created by Icey Designs and it is inspired by Sisters of the Snake and says "You Can Be More What The Stars Wish For".
  • Enamel Bottle Opener ~ Ah, I love The Starless Sea and it's so pretty - this is a gorgeous key bottle opener that's also a magnet. It was designed by Pineapple Sundays and I love it! 
  • Decision Coin ~ Oh I love this - it is inspired by the Fable duology and it's so detailed and pretty and says Smooth Sailing on one side and Rough Seas on the other. It's so cool, use it when you need to flip a coin and make a choice! 
If you are interested in signing up, Owlcrate is $32.99 US per month (this just increased for the April box), plus shipping is $14.99 to Canada. I actually skipped the July box because it was a book I read an arc of and didn't love, so I'm going to pass and will share the August box when I get it! 


I hope you've been following along on my instagram this past week, I've been in my hometown of Penticton visiting family - it was lovely and full of beaches, wine and family time. It was a little smoky and there were a lot of fires around, so I'm hoping everything will cool down there soon! 


Along with our trip to Penticton, we made a night stop in Revelstoke and all went on the Mountain Coaster, rode the Gondola and enjoyed a night in the pool at the hotel! (We also stopped at my favourite places - The Enchanted Forest and D Dutchman Dairy!)


It was a hard week because while I was away, I found out my Grandma passed away - it was hard to be away from my family, but I got home and was able to help move her things and support my mom at the funeral home. It's been a hard week and I'm still not sure it feels real, but she was loved and will be missed. 


I have been loving finding pre-order goodies with books that I'm anticipating - so I just got the cards and art print and stickers and there is so many great goodies in here! 

I hope you all have a good weekend - we are meeting for a big family bbq in lieu of a funeral for my grandma so it will be a hard weekend for sure. 

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