Friday, July 16, 2021

Five on Friday - July 16, 2021 ~ Klorane Topbox Circle, Well Order, UEFA Euro 2020 Cup, Bare Activewear and Blonde Ambition Clothes

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all had a great week - if you've been following me on instagram, then you know I've been on a family vacation all week, so it's been a little quieter around here! (And, if you don't follow along there, I will share some updates here when I'm back next week!)


The Topbox Circle was received for free, everything else I purchased

Woo hoo - I got picked for another Topbox Circle and I'm really excited for this one too! It's a moisturizer and eye masks from Klorane and I'm so excited to try both of these. I love Klorane hair products, so I am excited to try more of their skincare products! 


I just got my order, and I excited for everything! The Brami Lupini beans are my most favourite snacks, and I really wanted to try the gummy worms Smart Sweets and they are deadly - soooo delicious! I also picked up the last Lip Tonic shade and the tinted La Roche-Posay sunscreen! 


Did you guys watch the UEFA Euro 2020 cup on Sunday?! Yes - go Italy go! Was a good game to watch and so nerve-wracking going in to overtime and then penalties! So intense and was a great game to watch! 


I had to pick up another pair of Bare Activewear joggers and they are amazing! These are so comfortable and they are made in Canada - an indigenous owned brand! Check out their amazing workout wear! 


I love a good comfortable t-shirt, so I picked up a few new Blonde Ambition shirts and these are so comfy and cute! I love the cursive print on them, and these are soft! I like all the colours of these too! 

I hope you all have a good weekend! 

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