Friday, July 2, 2021

Five on Friday - July 2, 2021 ~ No More Covid Restrictions, Hubby's Birthday, Heat Wave, Peonies and Canada Day!

Happy Friday everyone! Can you believe that we are already in July?! Where did June go - I feel like it just flew by! I've had a quite week as the boys all went to the cabin for a few days to beat the heat by the river, so I had the house to myself! 


July 1 marked a pretty big milestone for Alberta - all of our health restrictions were lifted (a few more still exist in long term care homes), but basically everything is lifted and things can go back to normal. Feels a little weird, but I'm pretty excited. I've missed my family and friends, got my second vaccine and have been starting to do more! I'm ready! What is like where you are? I know all provinces are in different places right now. 


Speaking of things reopening, last weekend was my husband's birthday and we went out for dinner and drinks! We ate sushi and stopped for a drink, and it was nice to get out - we haven't been out in a long time and it was fun!


It has been a crazy heat wave all week - Calgary hit 36 on Tuesday, and I know that a ton of places were even hotter! It was so hot and we beat the heat with our sprinkler and coconuts (Costco had these fun pre-prepped coconuts and they were perfect for pretending we were in Mexico!).


Also at Costco, I love their fresh flowers and I picked up some peonies! These are my favourite flowers and they can be so expensive, so I love when I find an affordable little bunch of them! So pretty - go check your local Costco if you want to find these or the coconuts! 


Yesterday was Canada Day - and with all the bodies of indigenous children being found, it's really hard to celebrate. I think it's important to keep up the constructive conversations happening around Canada Day, so I do hope that everyone used the day for a little bit of education and learning. It's okay to love this country and know that's it helped lots of families, but, it also happened on the backs of Indigenous Peoples whose land we came and took over. We cannot hide from the past, but instead focus on reconciliation and reparation for the harm that has happened (and remember this is fresh, so generations will continue to be harmed from the impacts of residential schools). But if we use this opportunity to learn and teach our children to do better, then all of our future generations can thrive together in our beautiful country.

I hope you all have a good weekend!

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