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The Palette Tag - All About My Eyeshadow Palettes!

It's no secret that my favourite part of makeup is eyeshadow palettes! I currently have 50 palettes in my collection and I've been really reasonable this year about adding palettes in my collection and playing and using the palettes that I do have in my collection. 

The Palette Tag
I purchased all these palettes - this post contains affiliate links

I do love to talk about all the eyeshadow I have so The Palette Tag is the perfect excuse! I first saw the tag on Makeup Your Mind's channel; but, it was originally created by Samantha March and Allie Glines

I will be honest that haven't been feeling incredibly inspired to play with makeup right now, so this is the perfect way to talk about my makeup! 

The Palette Tag

Newest Palette: e.l.f. Bite Size Eyeshadows in Cream & Sugar and Rose Water ~ $3.97 CAN each. I actually JUST picked these up within the last week (I went to Walmart for the first time since everything closed looking for something else and found these - I have actually been looking at trying to pick them up for a while!) I haven't really tried much from e.l.f. and not their eyeshadows at all, and I've heard really good reviews, so for the price, I had to try them out for myself! They were actually a little smaller than I thought they would be, but for 4 shadows, they are still a good size! Also, these sneaky little quads could have made the most affordable and smallest categories now too, but I'm not doubling up on categories! 

Oldest Palette: Too Faced Sweet Peach Eye Shadow Collection Palette ~ $65.00 CAN. This isn't actually that old (It's from March or April 2016), so just over 4 years old. I did a really big declutter and tried not to hang on to anything old or that I wasn't using, so I purged my Naked 2 that I got in July 2013 and Naked 3 from January 2014 and these were my OG palettes and I just purged them recently! (If you are interested in seeing a review from a long time ago, you can see my review here!)

The Palette Tag

Most Expensive Palette: Pat McGrath Labs MTHRSHP Subversive La Vie En Rose Eyeshadow Palette ~ $86.00 CAN. So this is the most expensive palette in my collection; but, I didn't pay full price for it. I went with overall price, but I do think I have paid more than this for some palettes if I got them from the US including shipping and exchange. These shadows are really pretty and I would consider buying a big palette from Pat McGrath down the line if they came out with something that really called to me! You can see it swatched here

Least Expensive Palette: Wet n Wild Color Icon 10 Pan Eyeshadow Palette in Not a Basic Peach ~ $7.29 CAN. I already mentioned that those new e.l.f. quads are technically the most affordable right now, but these are the ones in my collection for a while that are the most affordable. (I also have a Halloween Coffin Break from them that I love too). These are quite good quality shadows and I've had quite a few of these palettes and they work well! You can see my original post on this here

The Palette Tag

Everyday Palette: Urban Decay Naked Reloaded Palette ~ $58.00 CAN. I actually rotate through a new palette every single week, so I don't really have an "everyday palette", but if I'm doing something special for work or need a palette that will give me a solid neutral look, this is the palette I reach for! I know that this came with mixed reviews, but this worked really well for me, and you can see it on me here

Most Colourful Palette: Makeup Revolution - Revolution x The Emily Edit "The Wants" Palette ~ $27.99 CAN. I think I interpreted the most colourful a little different than most - I didn't go for the brightest palette, instead I chose something that had the widest range of colours. So this may not be the brightest, but this has a ton of colours - pinks, purples, and greens. With colour, I do actually like colourful looks I tend to use pops of colour or singles instead of full colourful palettes! This was actually another palette with mixed with reviews, but I enjoyed it and you can see my original post here

The Palette Tag

Smallest Palette: Viseart Petit Pro Palettes ~ $40.00 CAN. I have the Petit Pro 1, Petit Pro 2, and Petit Pro 5 Soleil. I love small palettes so I happen to have quite a few of them - these ones were the littlest until the new e.l.f. quads came along, but these are certainly the smallest and they still manage to have 8 shadows in them! I really love these little palettes! 

Biggest Palette: Morphe x Jaclyn Hill "The Jaclyn Hill Palette" ~ $50.00 CAN. I think this was the biggest palette that most people included in their posts or videos! This is a huge 35 eyeshadow palette and it's a pretty classic palette - you can see the original post on this palette here! I actually had to include the Urban Decay Game of Thrones Eyeshadow Palette ~ $77.00 CAN. This package and palette are just so big - I have to lay this down on it's side on my shelf, so it's just big and over the top! 

The Palette Tag

Best Memory: Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette ~ $68.00 CAN. Alright, I know I don't have this in my collection anymore; but, I'm going to be honest, I don't really have anything in my collection that I'm super sentimentally attached to and this was really the only palette that came to mind. This was my most used, most loved palette and it went everywhere with me. This really kicked off my love of eyeshadow palettes and dove me right in to the beauty world! So even though I don't have it anymore, it still invokes the best memories for me! 

The Palette Tag

Worth The Hype: ColourPop Disney Designer "It's a Princess Thing" Pressed Powder Shadow Palette ~ $22.00 US. This palette was really hyped up when it was released in 2018 and I remember driving somewhere and my alarm going off for this release and me pulling over so that I could order it the second it was released and it sold out very quickly! With all that it is a basic palette; but, the shadows are stunning - the mattes blend well and the metallics are gorgeous. It is very good quality and I love the packaging and just everything. Love. You can see my original post here!

Not Worth The Hype: Too Faced Just Peachy Mattes Eyeshadow Palette ~ $59.00 CAN. This was the really hyped up follow up palette to the Sweet Peach Palette and I just could not get this palette to work from me and I've never really even talked about this palette on the blog. I don't find the mattes that great quality - I can't really get them to blend well or layer and it just doesn't work for me. I also don't know how I haven't decluttered this yet, I think I always think I can get it to work (because it is well reviewed), but I just can't. 

The Palette Tag

Favourite Palette from a Favourite Brand: Natasha Denona Mini Sunset Eyeshadow Palette ~ $30.00 CAN. I never really think of myself as having a favourite brand, more so favourite products from each brand. I've talked about a lot of favourite brands, but I haven't talked about Natasha Denona yet and I love their eyeshadow formulas! This palette is just so great - the shadows are lovely and such a great formula! I love the matte and metallics in this palette and it is just such a great palette! You can see my original post on this here

Most Used Palette: Too Faced Tickled Peach Mini Eyeshadow Palette ~ $32.00 CAN. This was from the 2018 holiday season and I've already said I love mini palettes, plus this formula from Too Faced is really good. This is just a great, neutral palette for me and it's easy to get a great look out of totally effortlessly! 

The Palette Tag

I love any excuse to dive in to my eyeshadow palette collection and this was so fun! I definitely discovered some palettes that I haven't played with in while so this was great!  

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