Thursday, June 11, 2020

May 2020 - Monthly Favourites!

Here are the top products I was loving this past month:

May 2020 - Monthly Favourites!
The Catrice, OPI and Vichy were received as PR samples - this post contains affiliate links

This month didn't see me try a whole lot of new products, so I was certainly using more staple-type products in my collection. But, that doesn't mean there wasn't standout products all month that I was using! 

I have a good mix of products this month too - makeup, nails, hair, body and skincare! So a little bit of everything! 

May 2020 - Monthly Favourites!

Catrice Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Concealer in 001 Fair Ivory ~ $7.99 CAN. Dark circles, imperfections and redness are now a thing of the past - the Catrice Liquid Camouflage Concealer offers optimal coverage without drying out the skin. This liquid concealer is highly-pigmented, waterproof and lasts for hours. Easy to use with a doe-foot applicator.

Concealer tends to be a product that I can overlook unless it's really bad. But, if it's good, I just file it as good as keep using it and they don't often stand out to me. But, this month after really not wearing much face makeup and typically only concealer, I started to notice that I was using a really good one! This concealer blends nicely and doesn't crease, which is lovely (plus it's affordable!) I've been featuring Catrice products a lot in my Favourites over the past few months and that's because their products are good and I've been super impressed with them - I'm planning a base post so you can see their concealer and foundation up close; but, you can see the concealer on a full face look with Catrice here

OPI Don't Tell a Sol Polish ~ $10.99 CAN. Don't Tell a Sol is a yellow crème.

This is a gorgeous yellow polish from the Spring 2020 Mexico City collection - you can see the whole collection swatched on me here! This is just such a great yellow toned polish and it's just nice and bold! You can see it on my nails for a bright, floral manicure here and I'm such a fan of the OPI creme formula! 

Design.ME Fab.ME Hair Treatment ~ $19.95 CAN. Born to be fabulous – the new generation of hair youth! We’re unveiling the mother of all treatments, Fab.ME, that breathes life into your mane with a spritz of a bottle. No, we haven’t found the fountain of youth, but we’ve created the biggest and baddest four defense formula that will give you your youthful, fabulous hair back in a matter of seconds!

This leave-in treatment is said to help everything from shine, control, static, to a protective layer, breakage prevention, and detangling. I always need a detangling treatment and I've noticed some of the other benefits, such as shine and static control for sure! I think overall this helps with all the benefits I'm looking for from a leave-in-conditioner and it's really great for my hair - I only need a little bit as well so it never weighs down my hair either! The only thing I don't love is the scent, but that's just a preference! 

May 2020 - Monthly Favourites!

Peach Slices Acne Spot Dots ~ $4.49 US. These small, translucent and fast-acting acne patches actively absorb a developing blemish or an already-present pimple. The sticker-like hydrocolloid acts as a protective cover over the treated area to keep you from picking and quickly and effectively helps reduce inflammation so the blemish becomes visibly smaller in less than one day. The transparent, adhesive dots are non-drying (so no flaking!) and come in a variety of sizes that can be worn night or day with or without makeup.

I'm pretty picky about my spot treatments because I haven't found many brands that have compared to the CosRX patches! These ones are really good - I love that they have 3 different sizes in the package and they work incredibly quickly, like overnight bringing acne to the surface and then one night clearing it up! I'm super impressed with these ones and thought they worked great! The only thing is I wish they were more accessible in Canada, as I just picked these up at a local CVS when I was in the States on vacation! 

Vichy Ideal Body Serum-Milk ~ 32.95 CAN. Serum-milk for ideal skin quality, continuous hydration, harmonized skin tone, firmness and smoothness.

I love body lotions and I always switch up what I'm using for the seasons! I just talked about this serum-milk lotion on my Fresh, Fun Products for Spring post! This is a super, light-weight body milk or "serum-milk", which is a perfect consistency for Spring and Summer! The formula actually uses Hyaluronic Acid and LHA combined with 10 oils (jojoba, rosehip, sunflower, ect.) to leave skin both smooth and firm. This smells delicious and leaves a little shimmer on the skin which I love! 

May 2020 - Monthly Favourites!

What were you guys loving this past month? Were you like me focusing on more staple products? 

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