Sunday, July 28, 2019

Shark Week Skincare Sunday - Masque Bar Pretty Animalz Shark Mask

Dun nu... Dun nu.... du nu du nu... dun dun dun.... It's the start of SHARK WEEK today! 

Masque Bar Pretty Animalz Shark Mask
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Oh yes, I found a shark mask for this week and I couldn't be more excited about it! I love my printed animal masks - they are certainly the most fun masks to wear! 

I've never tried a Masque Bar mask before, so when I saw this mask I had to pick it up immediately and try it! 

Masque Bar Pretty Animalz Shark Mask

Masque Bar Pretty Animalz Shark Mask ~ $3.99 CAN. This Shark Character Print sheet mask is enriched with extracts that help hydrate and moisturize your face. 

Masque Bar has a huge line of these Pretty Animalz masks and they have some of the funnest animals - they have everything from a sloth to a flamingo to a narwhal to a llama! 

Each animal addresses a unique skincare concern and the Shark Mask is for hydrating and I love a hydrating sheet masks! 

Masque Bar Pretty Animalz Shark Mask

This mask is easy to wear: wash and dry face, apply toner, apply mask and wear for 10 to 20 minutes, remove mask, pat remaining essence in to skin, and complete skincare routine. 

Masque Bar Pretty Animalz Shark Mask

Okay, I loooove how this Shark mask looks! It looks so cool! Some of the printed masks look pretty crazy, so this one actually looks like a shark. This mask fit pretty decent - it was actually a little smaller than most sheet masks I've used before; but, that works well for me as they tend to be quite big on me. This one had a light scent too - I can't quite pinpoint it; but, it was a sweet scent. 

This mask is thin; but, where the blue print is, it's a little thicker (if that makes any sense). There was no extra essence in this mask, and the masks essence absorbed rather quickly - it lasted 20 minutes on me. My skin was a little tacky after wearing this; but, I did think it was hydrated after wearing it. My skin looked smooth and hydrated the next morning! 

Masque Bar Pretty Animalz Shark Mask

Overall, I thought this was a good mask - it delivered on hydrating and the print looked awesome! I do wish I could have worn it for a little bit longer or it had a little more essence; but, it did work. I picked up a few other Masque Bar Pretty Animalz masks and I can't wait to give them a try! 


  1. I LOVE IT! Such a great idea to kick off Shark Week!
    I've tried a few of their printed masks (3 so far), and the more colour/print there is, the more stiff the masks were. It's unfortunate because the prints are really fun.

    1. Thanks! Oooh good to know - I've got a few more of theirs to try too!