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Shark Week - Lush's Shark Fin Soap and Working To #SaveSharks

Shark Week is carrying on and I hope you are enjoying watching it - I'm away at the cabin for the week, so I'm not watching; but, I did watch a very important shark documentary that has certainly stuck with me.

Shark Week - Lush's Shark Fin Soap and Working To #SaveSharks
This soap was purchased by me and the money was happily donated to the charity

Each year on World Ocean Day, June 8, Lush released a limited edition shark fin soap - it's a pretty iconic soap and they always sell out quickly. World Ocean Day is to remind everyone of the importance that oceans play in our every day lives. The planet is 70% ocean and we get 70% of our oxygen from our oceans! 

The focus for the 2019 World Ocean Day is Gender and the Ocean and striving to promote gender equality in all areas of ocean-related activities. 

Shark Week - Lush's Shark Fin Soap and Working To #SaveSharks

Lush Shark Fin Soap ~ $5.95 CAN. Save sharks with this sea-inspired sudser.

On top of Lush marking World Ocean Day, this soap is about promoting and raising awareness in the plight of sharks and how important sharks are to our oceans. For this campaign, Lush has released their signature Shark Fin Soap, as well as a Charity Pot. This year, 100% of all of the sales of the Shark Fin Soap are going to the Rob Stewart Foundation and 100% of the sales of Charity Pot Body Lotion are donated to groups fighting for environmental justice, animal protection and human rights.

Also, this soap has a really nice, clean fresh scent that is a little citrusy! I'm a fan of Lush's soap formula - it's always nice and gentle and non-drying. 

Shark Week - Lush's Shark Fin Soap and Working To #SaveSharks

The Rob Stewart Foundation is the perfect pairing for Lush - they have been pairing with Rob Stewart since 2007 to assist with his film distribution and expand his fin free movement to a wider audience. In 2017 when Rob Stewart passed away, they donated all the sales to continue his legacy and finish his most recent film Sharkwater: Extinction. 

So, I recently watched Sharkwater: Extinction and was pretty blown away - if you are in Canada, you can check it out on Crave if you are interested. It's actually rather alarming - Shark populations have declined 90% over the past 30 years and over 150 million sharks are killed every year. Rob's original film focused on shark finning and it's impact on the shark population; but, the new film shined light on what else sharks are being killed for including cosmetics. The numbers are a little alarming and at first we thought no way; but, it's so hard to believe because it is true, which is pretty scary! Sharks are vital to the ocean's ecosystems and maintain a healthy balance in the oceans. 

I've also wanted to try a Squalene serum because I had heard have the amazing skin benefits; but, knowing now that it comes from shark liver oil and that animals are dying to provide this ingredient is pretty hard. There are sometimes plant based oils that are used as synthetic squalene, so I would certainly make sure that I used one of those instead.

Now, I don't always react to every documentary I watch - I still eat meat, I still use products that have animal ingredients in them (mink lashes, snail secretion masks). I'm not claiming to be a perfect consumer; but, Sharkwater: Extinction got to me because I'm already worried about the state of our planet and especially our oceans - the coral bleaching and amount of endangered animals is worrying! So, if I can do my part in a small way (and bigger ways too - I will). I'm trying not to use single use plastics and keep it out of our oceans. Also, Canada passed a Bill this year on World Ocean Day to ban all importation and exportation of shark fins which is amazing.

Shark Week - Lush's Shark Fin Soap and Working To #SaveSharks

I do want to say that this is not sponsored at all. I'm not a perfect consumer and I never will be. I know I'm not an all cruelty-free or vegan bloggers, so maybe it seems a little extreme of a stance. But, I am actually open to beauty ingredients; however, I'm not open when I feel like it will have a vast impact overall on the planet. I just want to make the best informed decisions that I can make for me! 

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