Saturday, July 13, 2019

Five on Saturday - July 13, 2019

Happy Saturday everyone! I feel like I'm just getting everything together after a whirlwind couple of weeks of vacation! We just got home on Tuesday; but, went right in to Stampede and back to work - I'm looking forward to this weekend! As much I love being on vacation, I am happy to be home! 


Harry Potter Custom Vans

I was so excited when Vans released their Harry Potter line! I ended up deciding to make a custom pair - and here they are!!! I love how awesome this main custom material is - it is so gorgeous! I added some green for Slytherin to the heel and tongue and then added touches of black and grey to tie the fabrics together! These turned out amazing - if you are interested in checking out their custom options, you can go their website here


We enjoyed such a lovely time in Penticton - we had some wine, went to the beach and hit all of our favourite spots! We also got to go to celebrate a friend's wedding in Kelowna and it was an absolutely beautiful wedding! 


I'm so excited about this - my sister, Michelle has been designing books and working on books and t.v. series for years; but, she is an amazing illustrator and it's so exciting to see her as a published illustrator for a full book! It's an adorable book for kids and it's already won awards! So cool - you can find Who Do I Want To Become here on Chapters


When we got back from our trip, we went straight in to a Calgary Stampede Day and we went for Kid's Day! It's pretty busy; but, we had lots of fun! We went with Elliott and friends with a little guy the same age and we took them to see the animals, meet a Paw Patrol, watch the dog show and see military vehicles! Plus, I tried Butterbeer Icecream, Deep Fried Creampuffs, and a Raspberry Rose lemonade!


Alright, Lady Gaga's beauty line Haus Laboratories has been announced and sneaked! What do you guys think of the initial products?! There is going to be lip liners, glosses and glitters and I excited for it! It is available for pre-release on July 15 and will be released in September. I think I'm going to wait for the September release. But, I really like Lady Gage and her stance on showing diversity, real skin, etc. I'm excited to see how the products will be! Will you pick anything up? 

I hope you guys have a great weekend! 


  1. Your Vans look awesome! The customize options is such a cool feature!!
    A Lady Gaga beauty line, ooh I'll be keeping my eyes on that!