Friday, February 1, 2019

Five on Friday - February 1, 2019

Happy February and Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all had a great week - I feel like I can finally relax as my work has been waaaay less crazy this week! And, I have a girl's night tonight so I'm looking forward to it! 


Monthly Makeup Basket

Time for my February Monthly Makeup Basket! I've said recently that I really want to focus on using products in my collection and not always getting distracted by everything new and shiny (I mean, there will still be the new and shiny I need). After I started my Palette of the Week series last year, I realized that I needed to start a little project to use my face products - specifically my blushes and highlighters as I really tend to just stick with my favorites and forget the rest! 

I pick a couple I want to use and then the others I select randomly from a list (because I write these down and keep track - same with my palette of the week, so I can actually make sure I use them!) So, for February I picked:
I love that this month is mostly well loved products with a really new highlighter to me! 


I'm excited to say that in February, I have another fun collab happening with a few fellow Canadian Beauty Bloggers - we are doing a 28 Days of Masking project, #CBBGetsSheetFaced! Each week will consist of a different theme - Print week, Food week, Flower week and Luxe week! Make sure you follow along on my Instagram as I will be sharing my masks daily in my stories and I will be sharing a whole week of reviews on my Skincare Sunday posts following the week of masks! 

Make sure you check out Jayne from Cosmetic Proof and Chantal from Chantal's Corner and follow along with their masking too! And check out the hilarious hastag on instagram as we are hoping to have lots of CBBers joining in! 


Hello easy healthy bagels! These are only greek yogurt, flour, baking powder, and a touch of salt, with an egg wash over top. They are super easy and yummy! You can see the recipe I used here from SkinnyTaste! I used to make these easy 5 ingredient bagels all the time, and I made a double batch this week, so it lasted me all week of breakfasts with an egg bake! 


Part of my focus this year on using and enjoying my makeup collection includes passing on items that I'm just not going to use - no more holding on! The collection now will be love or pass - so, that may make my declutters bigger as I am more decisive about what I will use! This doesn't make everything bad, just means I want someone else to appreciate it!  

Here is a look at the products I am decluttering after January! I'm decluttering 2 Wet n Wild quads - both are from the Ice Dragon vs. Fire Dragon and neither of these are bad, I just realized after using them for my palette of the week that one of the quads from the Flights of Fancy collection is very close to the Fit for a Queen palette, and the Mythicool Creatures just has some repeat shades from my collection. 

The Smashbox Highlighter palette and ColourPop Churro were both in my first Monthly Makeup Basket and I just didn't reach for either! The Jouer lip creme just came in my Beautylish bag and I just don't use metallics. This Real Techniques brush came in a set and is just untouched - it's not a shape I use for a brush. The ColourPop Super Shock shadows are all dried up. 

And, I will end on a bad note with a product that just was bad for me and that is the Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask - this was so highly reviewed and I was excited to try it; but, this burned my lips! I had red and white spots on my lips and they were so sore (and, I've heard this from a few people, especially with the little holiday set) - I'm so sad this happened, but I will not use this again. My lips took weeks to heal! 


All of February in Calgary is YYC Hot Chocolate Fest - check out all the contestants at! I'm already scoping out which ones I have to try this month! There are so many fun, yummy looking hot chocolates! 

I hope you all have a great weekend 

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