Saturday, February 9, 2019

Five on Saturday - February 9, 2019

Happy Saturday everyone! We have had quite the week this week - our little guy caught hand, foot and mouth virus at daycare and to top it off, this polar vortex weather has made everything more miserable (anything -20 to -30s celsius is horrible). We haven't been able to do much of anything this week and we still can't leave the house this weekend, so it could be a loooong weekend! 


I got a little gift this week from a friend - she received these Cheri Arome Detox Black Lava Bath Salts in the Simply Beautiful subscription and since she doesn't take baths, I get to benefit from it! This is a Canadian brand that makes clean, natural, homemade small batch skincare and bath products! I'm really excited to try this and after the week I've had, I really need a detoxifying bath! 


Last weekend a group of us from work got together for a Girl's Night and it was so much fun! I rarely go out and party right now, so it was fun to let loose and we just had an old dance party with some 90s and 00s music and it was a blast! (I had to pay for it a little bit the next day; but, it was worth it!)


Did you guys catch my Valentine's Heart Manicure that I posted earlier this week?! I'm in love with how these turned out - seriously, this is probably one  of my favorite manis that I have done in a while! They are just so bright and fun and I love the little hearts. If you want to see how I did this, check out my Manicure Monday post here. I'm really sad to remove these this weekend! 


It's a little weird that I'm not sharing my full book reviews on here anymore, so if you are interested in what I'm reading, follow along on my Goodreads account! I just finished 3 books actually, and the one I was most excited about was "A Wrinkle in Time" - which was cute and a little weird! (The other 2 books were I See You by Clare MacIntosh and Cockroaches by Jo Nesbo!)

So, I also had to watch the movie - I know this came out a while ago; but, I always feel the need to read the book first! This was cute, a little different from the book! 


And, here is a look at my last 2 palettes of the week:

This palette is full of ColourPop single shadows and I am surprised that I really stocked up on pink shadows! Or, I'm not really surprised that I did, but I rarely wear full pink eyeshadow now, where 10 years ago + my signature look was a pink smoky eye... but, these shadows are great quality! Here is a full sunset eye look and swatches with some of these shadows, and swatches here of the others if you want a better look! 

And, this week's palette of the Week was the Tarte Tartelette Tease palette. This was really great when I first got it a few years ago and I used it a fair bit - you can see my original swatches and looks here. But, since I got this 3 years ago, my mini palette collection has really expanded and this one isn't one I reach for anymore. I enjoyed using it this week, but realized that it's now time to declutter! 

I hope you all have a great weekend - wish me luck stuck inside with a contagious little boy! 

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