Saturday, February 16, 2019

Five on Saturday - February 16, 2019

Happy Saturday everyone! I hope you all had a great week! We are still surviving the Polar Vortex and virus my little guy has - it looks like we are getting over the virus at least! 


This week was Valentine's Day and we don't do anything crazy to celebrate; but, I do love having a little something to celebrate with my loves - my boys! We enjoyed it together, and finally Elliott is recovering from his virus! 


Valentine's Day to us is all about fun food celebration - that's all we need! 

Our regular Valentine's Day tradition is always to order Heart Shaped pizza! Yum - I think these are the cutest! This year we ordered Boston Pizza and got a pepperoni and spicy perogy - that one is my favorite! 

And, for desert we had these delicious macarons by 8 Cakes YYC - they were so good! The unicorn macaron was probably the tastiest macaron I've ever had! These were huge and so adorable - the little details with the panda bum were perfection! 


And, earlier this month my husband did get me a little Valentine's Day gift - just a couple lovely Lush goodies! I just posted about the Eggplant Bath Bomb and Peach & Love set - you can see them here! I also picked up the Mortal Kombu eye masks and I've been testing them out - I will review them shortly! 


While on my way to pick up my macarons for Valentine's Day, I stopped by this adorable little stop called Marda Loop Mercantile - a new little Boutique Farmer's Market in Calgary and it's an adorable little stop! There is a couple of dine in and take out places and products from artisanal merchants! 

This delightful little creation is the Valentine's Hot Chocolate from Latte Art Love - it's a strawberry hot chocolate topped with cotton candy and it was so yummy (it actually was supposed to be spike with vodka as well; but, I was on my way to work)! They have amazing creations there!

So, I also picked up a few little goodies at the Marda Loop Mercantile - some delicious olives and a dip as well! These were all so good! I can't wait to go back for more! 


So, I really love Jillian Harris and when she announced that she was releasing presets, I got really excited! I've never actually considered presets before; but, lots of time I'm taking pictures indoors or late at night and they need a little assistance! 

I'm only planning on using them for house and family pictures - I will never over edit or change my makeup pictures because those have to be true to how they really look (not that other things don't look true - it's more just brightening up!)

I hope you all have a great weekend - I'm so excited to have a long weekend and an extra day off! 

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