Saturday, May 5, 2018

Five on Saturday - May 5, 2018

Happy Saturday everyone! Hope you all had a great week! I'm still trying to work out a good balance with my new work life - I still think I'm struggling to find a new routine; but, I will figure it out eventually! 


Eeeek - so exciting you guys! The Calgary Zoo finally has pandas and I went this morning to see them! The Panda Passage was only open today and this past week to members, and if you are patiently waiting, it opens to the public on Monday! 

We have the momma, dad and two baby pandas and they were soooo cute! The dad was funny laying on his back on a bunch of rocks, the babies (one pictured with me) were rolling around and sleeping, and the momma was outside eating bamboo! I know I will go back and see the a ton; but, I can't wait until it's quieter after the Summer rush so I can have some quieter time watching them! 


Yesterday was May The 4th - and the force was with me and these delicious cookies! How cute are these?! My son's school was having a fundraiser - what a good idea!


Wow! I won a prize from Live Clean Canada and Cosmetic Proof with all Jayne's favorite Live Clean products! So many good ones in here to try! 


It's about time! The snow has finally melted from my back yard (yes only last week) and finally the first little flowers of Spring are starting to pop up! These little crocuses are so pretty! I can't wait to get back out in my garden and see what else I get this year! 


I have been trying to get back in to making a big batch of soup for dinner with a bunch of leftovers! This week I made this Thai Red Curry Noodle Soup and it was delicious! I also never know how anyone makes food pictures look amazing - but this was so good with a bit of a kick but nothing crazy!

I hope you all have a great weekend - I can't get over seeing the Pandas today! Highlight of my weekend! 


  1. Yay! I hope you enjoy the goodies! These were definitely my favourite Live Clean products. I really like this Five on Friday/Saturday series because it let's you talk about other things you love in addition to beauty! Like I just discovered the joy of using metal straws!

    1. They came just in time - I needed a new shampoo and conditioner right away, so I can't wait to dig in! And, thanks - I know these posts aren't for everyone but my family (who don't really love the beauty content) actually read these posts!
      And, you are the 2nd person really recently who mentioned this and I added some to my amazon cart so next time I place an order, I'm going to try them!!