Monday, September 18, 2017

Manicure Monday - Best Recent Nail Art Looks!

Happy Manicure Monday everyone! So, I told myself that when I had a baby, I was always going to have girl time and paint my nails every week; but, finally this week I am going to eat my words! Little Elliott is teething so much and despite all the little teething toys, his favorite thing to chew on? Mommy's hand! So, I just can't put any fresh polish on these babies this week! I'm hoping by next week things improve and I can go back to normal! 

Since I haven't done a favorites post in a few months, I thought I would recap some of latest favorite nail art! 


Eeeek - how cute are these little pandas?! I love how they turned out (especially the thumb!) and they were surprisingly easy to do! You can check out my original post here


These are really recent and I loooooove how these turned out! I didn't know how hard doing a unicorn textured horn with regular polish would be - all tutorials use gel polish so it had much more drying time with regular polish! Plus, how cute is the little unicorn face too?! My eyelashes weren't great; but, I thought everything else turned out well! Check out the original post here


I know I try and do lots of big nail art but sometime, I think simple nail art designs or just a few accent nails look so good! I love how these little rainbows turned out! All you need is a little thin brush and these are freehanded! Check out the original post here


Ok, so this isn't technically nail art, but how could I not include the ridiculously cute Merkittens in this post! I love these water decals so much - I could wear them all the time (and, I wore them for 2 weeks; they lasted so long!) Check out my main post here

Okay, now this isn't a recent nail art idea at all; but. it popped up in my Facebook memories from 5 years ago today so I had to share it with you guys - my ninja turtle nails! I loved these so much! 

How great did these turn out?! I have loved nail art for years and years! 

Hope you all had a great Mani Monday! 

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