Saturday, September 16, 2017

Five on Saturday - September 15, 2017

Happy Friday everyone - I hope you all had a great week! We had a nice, quiet week (which felt like a nice change of pace!)


I just received my September In8Beauty subscription! I won a year subscription to In8Beauty via an Instagram giveaway! You can check out my past reviews of the subscription here
This box is $18 a month + free shipping anywhere in Canada and comes with 5 different sheet masks! I received:
  • OOZOO Bear Black Space Pore Caring Mask ~ $3.00 US. I'm a sucker for cute packaging and this is adorable! Can't wait to try this!!
  • Dermal Xilix Fox Animal Aqua Relax Case ~ $3.00 US. Ahhh... I love animal masks and foxes are soooo cute! I will be reviewing this! 
  • The Saem Natural Aloe Mask Sheet ~ $1.59 US. Aloe masks are great - I haven't tried much from The Saem so hopefully this is good.
  • Dermal Coenzyme Q10 Collagen Essence Mask ~ $2.44 CAN. I haven't tried too many Dermal products, so we did get 2 of these masks in this month's subscription, but they are very different. 
  • Forencos - 7 Days Mask Mayu Elastic Silk Mask (Saturday) ~ $3.37 CAN. I think we received a different day of the week in a past subscription, but I love silk material masks so i am looking forward to this one. 
So mask subscriptions are more about the curation, as opposed to value (although this month had some expensive masks!) - this is worth the $18 CAN! I am happy with all the masks and the variety that came in this month's box! 


Teething may be the death of me, just so you all know ahead of time! Oh man, this poor little guy has been having a really rough week and there isn't much else to do other than Tylenol, oragel and rubbing his gums. But, it's also messing with his sleep because he is waking up at night time in pain! Who wishes babies were just born with a whole mouth full of teeth?! Would make things a lot easier (for me at least since I bottle feed!)

On top of teething, Elliott also dropped from 3 naps to 4 so we have been trying to get a new (better) schedule going! It's actually working well and he is naturally in to the same routine every day! But, we have had a few rough moments!

Also, this week we started baby swimming lessons! Elliott did so good and he loves the water! We signed up with Elliott's bestie and a few other girls from our baby class! It actually goes for 14 weeks so it's nice to have something to do every week for the next few months! 

I had a couple of shows come to end this week:
The Amazing Race Canada season 5 just finished and Sam & Paul won - they were so good all season! Still makes me want my husband and I to sign up!

Also, Bachelor in Paradise ended this week and it was such a lackluster season - I mean I know they go to Mexico and it's a lot of partying, but there was like 2 couples all season and I just thought it was a little blah this season. 

It's not quite Fall yet and I don't get excited for it until the actual first day of Fall and then I go in to crazy Halloween mode! But, Calgary literally went from +30 last week to 0 overnight and frost this week! Whoa - it is not really Summer anymore! We actually had 1 last beach day planned with some baby friends and it quickly got changed in to an indoor coffee date instead! 


  1. Where do you take Elliot swimming? I lived in Calgary when my oldest was born (she just turned 15 on Saturday -- YIKES)I took her for lessons at Vecova Recreation Centre it was awesome because its a rehabilitation pool its really warm. did you happen to see the Harry Potter collection Pottery Barn just released -- its on the pottery barn teens page. The patronus comforter and pillows are so cute! and I love the golden snitch clock. I hope teething goes well for you - frozen wet facecloths are sometimes handy for babies to chew and suck on during this trying time. take care and have a great week!

    1. We take him swimming at the Y closest to us - it's really nice! But, your the 3rd person in the last couple of weeks to mention Vecova (i had never heard of it before!)
      Ahhh... I will have to check out the HP goodies on Pottery Barn (or do I not look so I'm good with my spending lol!!!)
      And i'm going to try the frozen face cloths - we need something cold for him!!!
      Thanks Brenda!!!

  2. And please do try out for Amazing Race Canada! that would be the coolest!