Thursday, May 4, 2017

April 2017 - Monthly Empties!

Time to go through my beauty garbage from April:

Covergirl The Super Sizer Fibers Mascara ~ $6.97. The Super Sizer Fibers for 400% volume + length. New fiber-length formula for a false lash extension effect. Lash Styler finds and transforms even small lashes.

This mascara wasn't my favorite - the formula was waaay too wet for my liking! It made my lashes clump and stick together. It added a lot of length to my lashes, but not enough volume for my liking. You can see my full review here if you are interested!
Repurchase: No

Vasanti BrightenUp! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator ~ sample size (full size is $34). Powerful scrub brightens, exfoliates and cleanses gently with instant results for soft, smooth and radiant skin – enriched with papaya, professional microcrystals and aloe. 
This scrub is okay - I find it actually a little too harsh for my face and I prefer to use it as a body exfoliant instead. I did like it as an exfoliator, but not enough to repurchase.
Repurchase: No

Swirl + Sparkle Makeup Brush Cleanser ~ sample size. Swirl + Sparkle {S + S} is an all-natural + cruelty-free solid make-up brush cleanser that magically melts make-up residue, dead skin, oils and bacteria right off of your brushes. Think of it as shampoo for your brush bristles. 

I found this makeup brush cleanser too hard - it was almost impossible to use. You could hardly swirl a brush around - ugh not good at all.
Repurchase: Nooooo.... 

TheBalm Mad Lash Mascara ~ sample size 2.5 ml for $5.63 (full size is 8 ml for $18.00). So flexible, we think it’s been doing yoga. One of the most bendy wands we’ve ever laid eyes on, it moves easily to hug each and every lash.

First, the mascara packaging is shit - it is a pop off cap instead of a twist off cap which piles up the mascara up by the top. Also, the formula is not good. It did make my lashes look good, but it was flaky and itchy within a few hours of use. Not good. 

Repurchase: No

beautyblender blendercleanser® solid ~ $22.00. A travel-friendly alternative to the liquid blendercleanser®, along with a custom grid to dry beautyblender® and deep clean brushes. 

This is easily my holy grail brush cleanser! (with the Sephora brand in a close second!) This is really good - works amazing on all my brushes and sponges!
Repurchase: Yes! 

NuFACE Prep-N-Glow™ Cloths ~ $28.00 for 20 cloths. A set of cloths that deliver cleansing, exfoliating, and hydrating benefits for a radiant complexion.

This cloth is really cool - one side is nice and soft so you wash your makeup of with it and then you flip the cloth over and it is an exfoliating cloth as well. I wasn't sure if I was going to like it, but it was a really gentle scrub that I thought brightened my face well! I only got 1 cloth in a Sephora add on. This was in my hospital bag and was great to have in there! 
Repurchase: Yes, especially for travel! 

Mereadesso Beautiful Body Balm Travel Size ~ $18.00. A high performance, non-greasy, all over body balm, hand moisturizer and foot cream for men and women of all ages and skin types.Beautiful Body Balm improves your skin’s texture and enhance elasticity. 

Mereadesso is an expensive brand - this is a travel size item and the full size lotion is $54! Isn't that crazy?! This wasn't even that great of lotion for how much it costs. It worked okay, but it wasn't anything special.

Repurchase: No

The Face Shop Quick Cleansing Brush Spray ~ $12.99. 

I can't find this online to link it, but I did buy this in store. This is a great little brush spray to use in between full washes.
Repurchase: Yes 

Hey Honey Good Morning Honey Silk Facial Serum ~ sample (full size is $41.00). A light and luxurious moisturizing serum and under makeup primer. Replenishes and protects the skin to improve tone for elegantly glowing skin.

This serum is pretty good - it made my skin look good and feel good. While I liked it, I have a lot more serums than this to try and it was good, it just wasn't outstanding! 
Repurchase: Probably not 

Soak It! Canada - Satsuma Shaving Cream ~ $??.

This shop is currently closed, but I won this in a giveaway. I loved the scent of this shaving cream and the texture was awesome - it was a whipped shaving cream and it worked really well! 
Repurchase: Yes

The Face Shop Rice & Ceramide Moisture Emulsion ~ $12. This quick-absorbing emulsion contains rice extracts to minimize dark spots, freckles, and hyper-pigmentation, and ceramides to moisturize your skin. This light lotion is perfect for the summer and great for all skin types. 

This emulsion was okay - I prefer a different brand. This worked okay on my skin, but meh.
Repurchase: Nah..

Eminence Stone Crop Hydrating Gel ~ $59.00 (also comes in travel size). Intense oil-free, age-defying hydration for all skin types. Gives skin instant deep penetrating moisture without shine or clogged pores. The powerful succulent cactus juice of Stone Crop leaves your skin with a smooth matte finish. Soothes, heals and evens skin tone to help minimize pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles and the signs of new or old blemishes.

This gel moisturizer was decent - it left a matte finish on my skin. It was a little less moisturizing than my dry skin needed overall. I used it as a pre-moisturizer (like an emulsion) and it worked well. You can see my full review on it here
Repurchase: Mmm.. probably not.. 

Bath Time Box Smooth & Silky Emulsified Salt Scrub - 3 in 1 Sea Salt Scrub ~ $8.50. Part lotion, part soap and part exfoliator this scrub is sure to delight! Scented with a luscious Champagne Pear, this refreshing, luxuriating scrub is a true treat. Scoop a small amount into your hand or pouf in the shower and scrub all over. Rinse. Savor the soft, silky skin it leaves behind. 

This scrub was pretty good - I think I made the mistake of putting it in the shower though, because it ended up getting watered down. I should have saved it for a bath scrub. Either way, it was a good body scrub, but I have used better both from Bath Time Box and other brands. 

Repurchase: Meh.. probably not...

Skinfood Watery Berry Toner ~ $??. 

I have used this before and I don't really like it - I put this in my hospital because it was the last toner sample I had. 
Repurchase: Nope 

Lifance White Caviar Moisturizer ~ $68.00 for full size product (this is a sample size). This intensively formulated White Caviar Cream delivers moisturizing, skin plumping and nourishing ingredients deep into the facial skin.  Our intelligent skin care protects your skin from moisture loss helping your skin to remain nourished.  The potent antioxidant properties of 10% Pure Caviar Oil protects facial skin cells from damaging free radicals.

This cream delivers a potent concentration of 10% Pure Caviar.  Regenerating Caviar is luxuriously hydrating which minimizes wrinkles and eliminates dry skin adding a tightening appearance creating Youthful looking skin.

This was a good moisturizer - the texture was thick but light and felt really great on my skin. Lifance is a great brand and a little product goes a long way! You can see my full review on this moisturizer here! This is great, but before I decide whether to repurchase I have a lot of moisturizers to use! 
Repurchase: Maybe 

Lifance Peptide & Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizer ~ full size is $68.00 (sample size pictured here). Our newest Peptide Cream Moisturizer is formulated with the maximum amount of integral ingredients such as 10% Argireline Peptide and quality Plant Botanicals. This luxurious cream also has the maximum amount of a rare < 5000 dalton in size Hyaluronic Acid. This Ultramolecular Low Weight HA easily penetrates the skins surface to help your skin cells retain moisture, leaving skin looking plump and hydrated.

This cream is lighter in texture than the caviar moisturizer, but is actually a fair bit heavier on my skin - I was using this as a night moisturizer. It takes a few seconds longer to absorb but works well to make your skin look great! Exactly why I like it in evening - works to repair and hydrate the skin while you sleep! Again, you can see my review on this moisturizer here

Repurchase: Maybe

Crest 3D White Luxe Toothpaste - Diamond Strong ~ $4.99. 

Do I normally review my toothpaste on here? I can't even remember, but anyways this is a good toothpaste. I'm not too picky about toothpaste, but this is my husbands fav so this is what we buy!
Repurchase: Yes

Joe Fresh Cotton Pads ~ $2.00. 

These are good - my go-to cotton pads! I used them with my micellar water for makeup removing and with my nail polish remover as well. I usually just pick up this type at Superstore when I grocery shop as they work well. 
Repurchase: Yes

Secret Clinical Strength Invisible Solid Women's Completely Clean Scent Antiperspirant & Deodorant ~ $7.97. Prescription-strength wetness protection! Did you know heat, activity, and stress can all cause you to sweat and that stress sweat smells worse than other kinds of sweat? Stress sweat comes from a different gland—causing more bacteria and more odor.

This was fine - I usually use Mitchum brand but this obviously worked fine as well. 
Repurchase: If I needed to... 

Bath and Body Works C.O. Bigelow MENTHA Tingling Foot Cream ~ $14.00. Our daily foot treatment provides moisture and comfort for tired and abused feet. Invigorating, ultra-minty formula blends aloe and peppermint to cool feet and check foot odor, creating the ultimate foot cream.

This foot cream has lasted a long time, but I have never used more foot cream than I did when I was pregnant! I did really enjoy the mint scent and it did have a slight tingling/cooling sensation when used.
Repurchase: Likely

Bath Time Box Snowball Bath Bomb ~ $5.00. A true trick and treat. This sparkly, snowball looking bomb smells like a tropical getaway - Coconut Coast.

This smells so good - I actually really like the bath bombs from Bath Time Box. They are slow dissolving so they last a long time which I love! Also, this had flower petals that added a hint of luxury to a bath! 
Repurchase: Yes! 

Lush Chick 'N Mix Bath Bomb ~ $10.95. Open up this big ol' chick to reveal the adorable baby bunny inside, and voila, you've got three beautiful baths to look forward to! Or, drop them all into your tub at once for a big dose of sunny, citrusy bergamot oil and sweet, caramel-like tonka. However you choose to use this jumbo fizzer, you'll be happy you added it to your bathing mix!

This bath bomb is great because you can use it up to 3 times if you want to stretch it out. I went with throwing the whole thing in the bath and loved it! I was interested to see how all 3 colours would mix and it turned it to a bright green - this smelled to bright and springy, I loved it!
Repurchase: Yes if it comes out again next year! 

Bath Time Box Splish Splash Goat's Milk Soap ~ $7.50. You will be lingering in the bath or shower just to enjoy this creamy, delicately scented bar of awesomeness. Real goat's milk is combined with skin loving, gentle oils all blended together with a fragrance that is popular with men and women alike.

Ok, this soap smells amazing and I can't think of what it smells like. I have said it time and time again in my empties post - bath time box/store makes the most amazing soaps. They are easily my favorites and I haven't purchased another brand of soap for a long time. This one was gentle and soft and I loved it!

Repurchase: Yes, hopefully it's available when I need to make a new soap order eventually! 

This month I used up 23 products! There was only a few things I really loved this month, and most just got used up to get out of the way with. I will say, the 2 mascaras I went through this month actually inspired me to never use a crappy mascara again - life is just too short, throw it out and get a new one! 

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