Sunday, May 28, 2017

Skincare Sunday - Le Petit Marseillais Body Washes now in Canada!

Happy Skincare Sunday everyone! Le Petit Marseillais is the #1 selling body wash in France, and it now available for sale in Canada! Let Petit Marseillais was created in the Provence region of France and focuses on using sun-kissed ingredients. The founder wanted to bring the artisanal quality of Marseille to everywhere else in the world! 

Skincare Sunday - Le Petit Marseillais Body Washes now in Canada!

Le Petit Marseillais body washes retail for $7.99 each and can be found at all major food, drug, and merchandisers across Canada - Walmart, Loblaws, Sobeys, Shopper's Drug Mart, London Drugs, Safeway, etc. 

The body washes come in the follow 5 scents:
Skincare Sunday - Le Petit Marseillais Body Washes now in Canada!

White Peach & Nectarine Extra Gentle Shower Gel ~ bursting with the juicy scent of stone fruits so abundant in the south of France - just-picked at the height of ripeness, still warmed by the sun. 

This scent is the only shower gel of the set and it smells amazing! I love peach scents and this is really great! This is a typical gel and foams nicely and leaves the skin feeling refreshed!

Vanilla Milk Extra Gentle Shower Creme ~ a luminous evocation of vanilla, with subtle hints of ylang ylang and pistachio adding depth to the creamy accords. 

This really does smell like vanilla and pistachios - it's quite a different scent than what I am used to! I actually quite like it! This is a creamier, thicker formula than the gel - it still lathers nicely and leaves the skin feeling hydrated! 

Orange Blossom Extra Gentle Shower Creme ~ notes of orange blossoms layered with jasmine, vanilla, and musk - a combination instantly recognizable recognizable to anyone who spent childhood summers in Provence (and just as irresistible to the rest of us). 

When I saw orange blossom, I was expecting a citrusy scent - this ended up being a lot earthier and muskier than I expected. It's my least favorite scent of the 5, but if you prefer muskier scents, this would be great for you! 

Skincare Sunday - Le Petit Marseillais Body Washes now in Canada!

Cotton Milk & Poppy Extra Gentle Shower Creme ~ a fragrance the smells as soft and powdery as cotton itself, balanced with fruity-floral notes as cheerful as vibrant fields of poppies.

This is a different floral scent - I like the fruity touch in it! This is a great bright scent for a morning shower! Again, this is the thicker, cream formula and leaves the skin feeling moisturized.  

Lavender Honey Extra Gentle Shower Creme ~ the lavender scent is so fresh and sweet, it smells almost edible. 

Mmmm... this scent reminds me of the smell of baby powder! This is great for a pre-bed time bath, nice and relaxing! 

Skincare Sunday - Le Petit Marseillais Body Washes now in Canada!

These are all very moisturizing body washes - my favorite of the group is the one shower gel in the group! I love the peach scent! But, I do really enjoy the creme formula and think it is soothing and hydrating. These are also ph neutral so they are gentle on the skin! 

*PR samples featured - all opinions are my own 


  1. This made me so happy thanks for writing about this, so getting my hands on these. I can't wait to try them they sound amazing. Thanks for sharing

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