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May 2017 In8Beauty Mask Subscription - Unboxing and Review

I love new subscription boxes - especially Canadian subscriptions!!!! In8Beauty is a sheet mask subscription service started right here in Alberta, Canada! 

The thought behind In8Beauty Mask Subscription is "In8Beauty was created to make foreign beauty products (and especially Korean face mask sheets) affordable and accessible to our friends and neighbors across the country. And with so many face mask sheets to choose from what better way to sample them then through a monthly curated subscription box."

In8Beauty is $18 CAN a month + $8 shipping all over Canada. Each month you receive 5 masks delivered at the beginning of the month! (Also, if you are just interested in a one time purchase, not a subscription you can buy 1 month for $20 + shipping)

Full disclosure here - I won a year subscription to In8Beauty back in an Instagram contest so I have received this at no cost. This is not sponsored in any way and I am choosing to share this subscription because I am excited to see a new Canadian subscription like this! 

Here is a look at the May In8Beauty Box:

May 2017 In8Beauty Mask Subscription - Unboxing and Review

This month has 5 really great looking masks included! These masks are all new to me and I am really excited with the selection included!

Here is a closer look at the 5 masks included:
May 2017 In8Beauty Mask Subscription - Unboxing and Review

Dermal Xilix Animal Mask - Seal (Aqua Moisture) ~ $5.08 CAN (10 masks for 50.83). A funny & innovative animal-inspired sheet mask-Features a unique seal-shaped design. Formulated with a peptide complex & Swiftlet Nest Extract. Helps hydrate skin & improve its elasticity. Blended with sodium hyaluronate & ceramide-3 to seal in moisture. Leaves skin clear smooth soothed & healthy looking-Ideal for dry rough skin.

I loooove animal masks - they are so fun to wear! I haven't heard of this brand or tried a seal mask yet so this one will be so fun! Love that this has peptides and bird's nest as these are very hydrating ingredients for the skin! You can look forward to this on a Mask Wednesday! 

The Saem - Zoo Park Mask Sheet "Brightening Lamb" ~ $6.86 CAN. Offers deep hydration and nutrients to your skin.

Another animal mask - yes!!! And a lamb?! You know this will either be terrifying or adorable when I where it! I love brightening masks - my skin is a little on the dull side so it is always something I need! 

May 2017 In8Beauty Mask Subscription - Unboxing and Review

JayJun Baby Pure Shining Mask ~ $4.19 CAN (10 masks for $41.86). A nutritious and moistening mask pack that has the same effect as essence, mask pack and eye cream put together.

In8 Beauty is the first spot that I had heard of JayJun, but these masks are highly reviewed! This one itself is a 3 step mask with an essence, an eye cream and a sheet mask! I am looking forward to trying this out and seeing what this brand is all about! 

Mediheal Mogongtox Soda Bubble Sheet Mask ~ $5.97 CAN (10 masks for $59.72). An innovative bubbling facial sheet mask. Developed by applying the principle of carbonated water. Creates rich fresh fine bubbles upon contact with skin to remove impurities & old keratin. Formulated with apple extract papaya fruit extract & green beans. Helps shrink pores promote circulation & stimulate cell turnover. Skin appears smoother brighter more translucent & revived.

I love Mediheal masks and this one looks hilarious! This is like a half sheet mask that bubbles!!! I need something like this right now for my skin because this will remove impurities and brighten the skin! 

Forencos - 7 Days Mask Volcanic Ash Detox Silk Mask (Tuesday) ~ $3.63 CAN (10 masks for $36.26). 

I haven't heard of this brand before at all - there isn't much about this mask but I am excited that it is a silk mask and it is for detoxing the skin! 

The May In8Beauty mask subscription came with 5 really unique masks with a total value of $25.73. In terms of value, I made sure to find masks based in Canada, because the company pays the initial cost of importing to Canada and waiting for the masks to ship - they can likely be found for cheaper if you are willing to wait for them to be shipped overseas.

I never expect a super high value in masks subscriptions, I just expect good curation and new and exciting masks! This month's subscription was really great - all new and original masks to try out! There is brands that I haven't heard of and masks that look really fun and different to try! 

I have been receiving this mask since January - you can see my past reviews here! In8Beauty really impressed me this month with their masks. I am also happy to see that they switched to pouches to save on shipping costs (I would like to see them pass those savings on to the customers). My only suggestion now would be to include a product card or something to explain the masks! 

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