Friday, May 12, 2017

Five on Friday - May 12, 2017

Happy Friday everyone!!! Hope you all had a great week!! 


I just participated in a Book and Mug swap with some fellow Canadian Beauty Bloggers and this was my present I just got in the mail! Can you believe I haven't read The Handmaid's Tale yet?! It has been on my to-read list forever so I am looking forward to it! Plus, this mug is adorable and the candle smells like coconut! Love! 

This Sunday is Mother's Day - do you guys have anything special planned? We don't usually do too much for the day. I usually get some Lush presents (which my husband has been tasked with again this year) and either have a nice brunch at home or go out for brunch.
This weekend will probably be pretty quiet - Elliott is just about 3 weeks old, so I'm not sure a busy brunch spot will be high on our list. Plus, my dad, stepmom and brother are visiting for the weekend from B.C. to meet Elliott so I'm sure we will have a quiet, relaxing family day! 

I was totally planning on writing a Mother's Day gift guide this year, but I haven't been able to write as many posts as I thought I would!
So, here is a look at my gift guide from last year - it would be pretty similar to this year if I were to write one again. So here are a few ideas:
-fresh flowers (or my mom always loves potted perennials and hanging baskets as we start our gardens in a few weeks!)
-subscription box (anything that suits her tastes - everyone loves getting gifts in the mail!)
-spa gift card (pedicure, massage, facial/anything that she likes and would not normally treat herself to!)
-my personal fav is bath goodies! something special for me to have some relaxing me time! 
-make your own gift basket with a little bit of everything, including wine!


If you haven't caught my last post yet (or if you are new from the 5 on Friday link up) do not miss my 3 Year Blogiversary giveaway! Here is a link to the original post with all the giveaway details! I'm giving away this brand new Becca x Chrissy Teigen Glow Face Palette! This is limited edition and just released a Sephora! The shades are so beautiful! 

I finally got my hair done this week - I haven't had it cut or touched since December!!! That seems so crazy - I go every 8 to 10 weeks for a trim or touch up, but being pregnant I stopped dying my hair last year so I just didn't bother getting it done! Anyways, my bangs were down to my chin and it was a hot mess! It felt really great just to get a trim and a few inches cut off!
But, the real question is - do I dye my hair dark again or stay with my natural brown colour?

I died my hair super dark brown for years and I really love it, but I have gotten a lot of compliments on my regular hair colour! What do you guys think? I will have to decide by July when I go back again! 

I hope you all have a great Mother's Day weekend! 


  1. I like your hair both colours! Maybe stay with the lighter brown for awhile since you had the dark for so long?