Friday, March 10, 2017

Five on Friday - March 10, 2017

Happy Friday everyone! This week has felt so long - it is crazy cold here this week in Calgary and it just makes it hard to be motivated to do anything! I heard it's supposed to warm up this weekend and next week, so fingers crossed! 


So, I finally put in a Sephora order (it's been since December, so that's pretty impressive guys!) - I had to order this highlighter from Milk makeup and am so excited to try it! Also, I really wanted to try this Sephora Rose Cleansing Milk - these are newer products so I really want to test and review them! The Clinique goodies were an add-on! 

But, since I made my VIB Rouge late last year I should have gotten my gift - customer service forgot it in my order, but they were amazing when I called them and they shipped it off to me right away! 

I'm so excited that we booked a trip to L.A. and Anaheim for early 2018 to do Universal Studios and Disneyland! It seems so far away, but with the baby coming in May we aren't planning any trips before that! 

We actually waited to take Damian to Disneyland until he was 8, so I have never had to travel like this with a baby before - it should be interesting! 

Some new t.v. shows started this week:

The Real Housewives of Toronto - so I actually don't watch any of the Housewives shows regularly, but I did watch Vancouver and thought I would check out Toronto too (you know, Canadian rich girl drama is worth checking out right?!) You know when someone starts the show by saying "high maintenance is just another way of saying high quality" it's going to be a dramarific season!

Survivor Game Changers also started this week! I am admittedly a die-hard Survivor fan and while I don't usually love seasons full of past players, I love a ton of the cast in this season and think this will be a really great season to watch!!!

Speaking of t.v. news, any other Game of Thrones fans out there?

Did you watch the teaser that was released yesterday?! I'm a little bummed that we have to wait until July for the season to start and then it's going to be a short season! I'm sure it will be amazing though! Head here to watch the trailer!!!

I'm so excited to be going for a facial this evening at Skoah - I will be blogging about it on Sunday so you guys can hear all about soon! 

For all my skincare love, I have never been for a facial before, so it's extra exciting for me! 

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend! 


  1. I've been wanting to try the Sephora Rose Cleansinf Milk! I use the Rose makeup remover wipes when I'm feeling lazy and they smell so good!

    1. I have been loving the Sephora skincare products lately and have been thinking of grabbing their cleansing wipes too!

  2. Sounds like you got some fun products from Sephora, enjoy your facial tonight! Stopping by from Five on Friday, have a great weekend!

  3. Fun fact- I knew Jana Webb when she was a kid probably saw her last when she was a pre-teen. I knew her older sister and parents - truly awesome people. its cool to see how successful she is - will watch the season - I loved her response to athlete wives who think she wants to steal their men. LOL She's originally From Bentley AB and Calgary.

    1. Oh that's awesome - love all the connections when it's a Canadian show! Cool she came from Alberta - good for her for becoming such a success!