Saturday, March 11, 2017

Weleda Jardin de Vie Agrume Sea Buckthorn Perfume

Spring is around the corner, and Calgary is still in a cold, cold Winter phase - I am in need of some bright Spring scents to make me hope for warmer weather around the corner! 

Weleda Jardin de Vie Agrume Sea Buckthorn Perfume ~ $24.00 US (or $31.99 CAN on Well). Inspired by the scent of Sea Buckthorn.

Reminiscent of the refreshing scents of summer, this bright and airy fragrance is inspired by the citrusy notes of the sea buckthorn berry with a fresh and lively composition.

Made with pure essential oils this scent has been handcrafted by Weleda’s in-house perfumery using only high-quality essential oils sourced directly from Weleda’s fair trade partnerships. This captivating fragrance is free from phthalates or any synthetic chemicals.

Weleda, is one of Europe's leading natural and organic personal care brand - they are cruelty-free, and use fair-trade and sustainable ingredients in their products. Weleda is company founded on a holistic approach to products and skincare - the products use all natural ingredients to support our bodies natural healing tendencies. Biodynamic gardens are used to grow ingredients and no synthetic chemicals or lab-made preservatives are ever used in their products! I love this approach to cosmetics - I always think more companies need to be ingredient conscious and focus on delivering quality, natural ingredients! 

Weleda Jardin de Vie Agrume Sea Buckthorn Perfume

Now, for the perfume itself - I have never actually heard of a Sea Buckthorn before this! It is a shrub that produces little orange berries that have been used in traditional medicine for a long time! 

This perfume is very citrusy-smelling (think tangerine or a really bright orange scent) with a gentle floral note! It can be a little strong the first time it is sprayed, but it does settle and is not overwhelming! It is nice and fresh and is the perfect Spring scent (as long as you like citrus!)

*PR product provided - all opinions are my own

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