Monday, November 28, 2016

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette - Swatches, Makeup Looks, and Review!

I have been loving the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette for quite a while - it is the perfect palette for Fall and Winter! It offers a good mix of neutral and berry shades!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette - Swatches, Makeup Looks, and Review!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Eye Shadow Palette ~ $55.00. A present-day take on Renaissance colors, this eye palette features 14 shades that let you create stylish, day to night looks. From the earthy yellow and ultra-matte finish of Golden Ochre to Primavera’s shimmer gold with a metallic finish, this palette’s high-pigment shadows are crease and fade-resistant and are sure to bring modern elegance to your eye looks. 

This was my first Anastasia Beverly Hills palette - and I am so happy with this pick! The shades are all gorgeous and super pigmented! 

I actually featured this palette in my September Monthly Favorites - I have still been using it non-stop. It is great on it's own and can be used well with other palettes. It has a couple mid-toned browns that are great transition shades and I find a lot of other palettes don't offer many transition shades at all. These are perfect! 

I think there is a great selection of finishes, from matte to metallic in this palette. I like that the majority of the shadows are a matte finish, with just a couple accent shades in satin or metallic finishes! 

Here are the shadows swatched on me (one swipe, no primer, in natural light):
  • Tempura - beige with an ultra-matte finish
  • Golden Ochre - earthy yellow with an ultra-matte finish
  • Vermeer - iridescent shell with a metallic finish
  • Buon Fresco - antique lavender with an ultra-matte finish
  • Antique Bronze - metallic sable with a satin finish
  • Love Letter - raspberry with an ultra-matte finish
  • Cyprus Umber - dark coffee with an ultra-matte finish

  • Raw Sienna - neutral amber with an ultra-matte finish
  • Burnt Orange - deep orange with an ultra-matte finish
  • Primavera - shimmery gold with an ultra-matte finish
  • Red Ochre - sienna with an ultra-matte finish
  • Venetian Red - crimson with an ultra-matte finish
  • Warm Taupe - earthy gray with an ultra-matte finish
  • Realgar - brick with an ultra-matte finish
Overall, I was impressed by the pigmentation of these shadows - they are bold and deliver serious colour! They did have some slight fallout as they were coming from the pan, but I didn't notice too much when applying them! They are so smooth and blend out so nicely - really easy to use and wear! 

Here is a couple makeup looks I created with the palette:

This is a nice neutral daytime look!

I used: Warm Taupe and Buon fresco in the crease, Tempura under the brow, and Primavera and Vermeer on the lid.  

This is a bolder, evening look (please forgive my lighting in these 2 pictures!)

I used: Vermeer under the brow and in the inner corner, Burnt Orange and Love Letter in the crease and on the lower lash line, and Buon Fresco on the lid! 

I love this palette - I think the shades are great! They are so unique and over a great variety and are perfect for Fall and Winter! The shadows are great quality! 


  1. This palette is really amazing ! ABH eyeshadows are soo good and i am a big fan ! Love the look you did :)


    1. Thank you! I am very impressed with the quality of the palette! Love it!