Sunday, November 20, 2016

Skincare Sunday - Paula's Choice Brightening Essence

This week for Skincare Sunday, I am sharing an essence to brighten up your complexion! Paula's Choice is a brand that focuses on ingredients that won't irritate the skin - this means no fragrances, dyes, or harmful ingredients and Paula's Choice never tests on animals. 

Paula's Choice Brightening Essence

Paula's Choice Resist Brightening Essence ~ $42.00. Resist Brightening Essence is a stunning, lightweight formula that will have beautiful results for your skin. It combines a powerful brightening complex of arbutin and licorice extract with a unique mix of plant and vitamin-derived ingredients, including acetyl glucosamine and vitamin C, that research has shown can improve a dull, sallow, ashen or uneven skin tone. Its formula works quickly to boost skin’s radiance for more luminous, even skin.

This essence is designed for every skin tone, especially those with with uneven, or dull complexions! 

Paula's Choice uses a unique mix of ingredients - arbutin, acetyl glucosamine, vitamin C, and plant extracts that all combine together to boost skin's radiance and revitalize your complexion! 

Paula's Choice Brightening Essence

To use this essence - apply 2-3 drops to your face and neck. Use in the morning and evening - remember, this does have vitamin c, so if you use it in the morning make sure you use a sunscreen! 

I use an essence both day and night - if you would like to see where in my skincare routine, you can view my daytime skincare routine here, and my nighttime skincare routine here

Paula's Choice Brightening Essence

You will initially think that 2 or 3 drops may not be enough to cover your whole face - it does not look like much at all! But, this spreads quite thin and covers my whole face and neck. I do find it is a little sticky initially, but as soon as it absorbs in to the skin I found that this went away. 

I do like this brightening essence - I think that it makes my skin look brighter and certainly has improved my overall skintone. I have been using this day and night and have noticed a difference. My skin can tend to look uneven and this has helped that! 

*PR product featured - all opinions are my own

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