Thursday, September 3, 2015

August 2015 Beauty box Comparison - Ipsy vs. Topbox

This is my second month of just comparing Topbox and Ipsy (June was my last month of Birchbox Canada and May was my last month of Beauty Box 5) - so far I am happy with my decision to keep these 2 and cancel the other 2. 

Here is my chart comparison for August 2015:
Here is a look at both subscriptions:


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Overall, I was not thrilled with this month's Ipsy bag - i will use 3 of the 5 items but am really only super excited about 1 of them! While the value and the variety of the bag was good, the products inside were not for me at all! Just not my favorite month... 

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The August Topbox was one of my least favorite boxes I have ever received - I was not excited about any of the products in there. Everything is just blah; nothing I will really use! 

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I can't pick a winner this month, I actually found my August boxes really dissapointing... 


  1. I have not tried topbox yet but with ipsy I have mixed feelings. My Aug bag had a good mix of products but I ended up unsubbing..

    1. It's funny because Topbox is so hit and miss, most month's I love everything I get, but lately it hasn't been the greatest! I stick around because it is only $12 and I will usually use something! I am on Ipsy for a year, but I think a lot of people cancelled in August because the last few bags have not been the best!