Friday, September 4, 2015

Five on Friday - September 4, 2015

It is really hard to go straight back to work and real life right after a wedding - I have had a really busy week so I am happy it is Friday!! 


Obviously the biggest news of my life is that I got married last week!!! Here is my beautiful wedding dress by Eddy K. I loved this - the lace was gorgeous and the whole dress was super soft and very comfortable! 


Also, thought I would talk about my awesome wedding hair and makeup!!! Both of these lasted through and incredibly windy outdoor ceremony and then all night of dancing and partying! Love, love, love - was very happy with how my look turned out! 


Wedding Nails!! Eeek - I love these! If you haven't seen them yet, my full Manicure Monday post is here


Here are some shots of my decor!!! I had the most gorgeous flowers and those glitter tablecloths made my head table look so amazing!!! I also love the little succulent favors we gave away and our homemade wine labels!!! It took a lot of work, but I love the way it all came together! 


Here are all my bridesmaids gifts!!!! I had so much fun picking out what I was going to get for everyone!!! I wanted to give them all practical items for the day of the wedding, but all items that they could use after the wedding too!!! The coach wristlets were not as crazy expensive as they appear, as I got them at the outlet store (hope that doesn't sound cheap but I wanted to get them more than 1 gift!). The necklaces are from the Etsy shop "Beazuness" and they are beautiful!!! The robes were a set from "GentleSateen" and they turned out really cute! 

Hope everyone has a great long weekend!


  1. Love it all!! thanks for posting - I have been waiting all week for photos LOL Your dress is gorgeous, the detail that shows up in the photo with your bridesmaid is beautiful. Your bouquet is so pretty, the colours are a beautiful combination - I will have to remember that for future flowers I buy. All of the wonderful touches like the glitter tablecloths, gold vases and custom wine bottles are charming and fun! I think your idea of getting your bridesmaids robes is so perfect, and I know they will cherish the Coach wristlets and necklaces - outlet shopping is perfect when it means giving an amazing gift like this. Enjoy your long weekend! Thank you for sharing your wedding with us!

    1. Thanks Brenda!! I always appreciate your comments!!!! Enjoy your long weekend too!!