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August 2015 - Month of Masks in Review (Mask Empties)

This post is a review of all the masks I use each month - I also consider the Month of Masks my Mask Empties post, because I do not feature my sheet masks in my monthly empties post! You can check out my past Month of Masks here

Let's jump right in:

August 1
Tony Moly Panda Dream Eye Patch ~ $1.80. Improves dark circle 60g's the most suitable for eye skin - strong adherence black sheet - it makes the eye area brighter after use.

Let's just start off the month with a scary as hell picture!!! Ahhahaha! I bought these thinking I would be an adorable panda as I wore them - I was far from accurate! These are a little difficult to figure out which way to wear them on your eyes. They didn't improve from there! There wasn't enough essence and they did not stay on my face well, but they would be great to scare small children with if you wish....

August 2
Nature Republic Avocado Mask Sheet ~ $1.65. This mask fills dehydrated skin with ample moisture. 

I received this in a Mask Maven pouch. I really like all the Nature Republic products I have tried so I was happy to try their sheet masks! The mask material was super thin and very fragile - I like to think I am gentle and I ripped this twice just unfolding it. Once it was on it was great - the essence was milky and felt great! (the fit was a little big for me)

August 3
3W Clinic Fresh Milk Mask Sheet ~ $1.40 (10 for $14.00). Formulated with Milk Protein Extracts to improve skin's elasticity and provides cleaning & astringent effects to remove grease & oil.

I received this in 2 Mask Maven pouches and don't know why I haven't tried it yet! My skin was feeling a little icky and this sounded very cleansing! This mask was also super fragile and was ripped as it came out of the package. The essence on this mask was uneven and some spots were dry and some had too much essence. Not my favorite mask.

August 4
It's Skin Blueberry Mask ~ $1.99. Re-vitalize and moisturize with real blueberries! The mask is saturated with intense moisture serum formulated with blueberry extract. 

This mask is also from a Mask Maven pouch - this mask was HUGE! Even with the tabs on the mask, I couldn't make it fit me well. The essence made my skin feel good but this was nothing special.

August 5
SU:M37 White Award Bubble-De Mask ~ full size is 100 ml for $45.22 - this sample is worth approximately $2. Enriched with fermented ingredients NAPS, A-CAI, birch saps extract. Relaxes skin and creates clear and lively face. 

This came in a Mask Genie pouch and I featured it in a Wine and Mask Wednesday here. I love these bubbling masks - they are so fun! The bubbling action also has this feeling of your skin being deep cleaned! The full size is expensive so I am going to try and get more samples. 

August 6
Hey Honey Take It Off Exfoliating Honey Peel Off Mask - $35 US for full size 50ml - sample size $7 for 10ml. Moisturizes with luxurious Honey extract. Brightens and smooths skin with the exfoliating power of Alpha Hydroxy Acids. Non-irritating- this mask is on your skin longer than a typical AHA cleanser, therefore the concentration of AHAs can be lower making it less irritating, but just as effective.

I received this last year in an Ipsy bag and I have been slowly using it! This is fun to use and I love the feeling of peeling off masks (it can be a little messy though!)

August 7
The Face Shop Rice Mask ~ $2. A mask sheet that has rice extract keeps the skin spot-free and bright.

This mask is pretty much my go-to staple - I buy it in bulk. Anytime my skin looks dull or needs a good refresh, I always choose this! It instantly makes my skin look brighter and refreshed! 

August 9
Hydro Gel Mask Sheet Vita E ~ $3. Use this Face Mask for toned and supple skin. Its serum, enriched with vitamin E, nourishes the epidermis, while its gel texture refreshes your skin.

This is only my second time using a hydro-gel mask. Hydrogel masks feel really different and they are cooling! This one did slip around a lit bit, but it was nice and relaxing! 

August 10
Lush Fresh Face Mask "Catastrophe Cosmetic" ~ $9.95. A cooling, calming, deep cleansing blueberry mask for sore and troubled skin.

This mask is amazing - it is easily one of my favorite masks to use! I have featured it before on a Wine + Mask Wednesday and you can check out the full review here. This mask is made with all fresh ingredients and only lasts about a month! This particular batch was quite a bit thicker than some of the past pots I have had - it was not as easy to use! 

August 12
Innisfree Trouble Care Mask ~  $1.92. Unbleached pure cotton mask that reduces redness and brightens the skin.

I stocked up on all these Innisfree masks when they had a buy 10, get 10 free deal! I have featured this mask in a past Wine and Mask Wednesday, and you can see the full review here. These Innisfree masks are made of the most amazing material and it feels so great on the skin. This mask also come with a ton of extra essence in the package - I apply any extra to my face before putting the mask on. 

August 14
Lush Fresh Face Mask "Catastrophe Cosmetic" ~ $9.95. A cooling, calming, deep cleansing blueberry mask for sore and troubled skin.

Mmmm... more blueberry mask... need to use this up before the end of the month! 

August 15
Mio Concentrate Whitening Eye Mask ~ 1 set for $1.90 (box of 5 for $9.50). Protection from the sun is the priority in the hot weather. The second line of defense for healthy skin is to inhibitmelanin production.

I received these in a Mask Genie pouch and really liked them!!! They had just the right amount of essence and sat really firmly under the eyes. They were also very big so I felt like everything under and around my eyes were covered! 

August 17
Sasatinnie Platinum White Truffle Brightening Silky Mask ~ approx $1. Brightening and improve skin tone. Luxurious platinum delays skin aging by enhancing skin's absorption power. Skin reveals youthfulness. Improve skin pigmentation and radiance by Artubin, ECO Gigawhite, ECO Licorice extracts and Mulberry extracts. Skin is whitened and brightened with improved skin tone's fairness.

I received this in a Mask Genie pouch. This mask fit really big on my face and did not have enough tabs to fit better! This was also waaaay too perfume-y - I did not like it. 

August 19
Lovemore Ginseng Wild Yam Sheet Mask ~ $4.78 ($23.90 for 5). Love More from Taiwan Wild Yam Firming Mask Sheet is composed with high quality deep ocean water as the main base, with added in selected top grade plant extracts and traditional formulation from all over Taiwan and then combine varies professional ingredients. It might not be the most expensive, but it provides the skin's most desired and sought-after nutrition. Skin is left healthier looking and more radiant.  

This was my first time using a Lovemore mask and I featured this in a Wine and Mask Wednesday here. They are silk masks and feel so amazing on your skin!!! Wow!! They are super thin though, and require a lot of care to open and apply gently! These are amazing - I am so excited to use more!

August 22
Luxury Soo Anti-Wrinkle Eye-Mask "Cat" ~ $1.88 (set of 10 for $18.75). It helps reduce dark circles , repair damaged and aging skin.

How adorable is this eye mask?! I received this in the 10 Days in The Wild pouch from Mask Genie. This fit really well and had the right amount of essence - plus it looked so awesome! I really love this eye mask. 

August 23
Tosowoong Pure Propolis Mask ~ $2.29. Significant moisture: It moisturize and soften skin. Whitening + Anti-wrinkle: It is a dual functional product for whitening and anti-wrinkle which is made with ingredients from Niacinamide, Adenocine, etc. Upgraded in adhesion: It is adhesive and large enough to stick to your face perfectly and provides full comport for nourishing and hydrating. Large capacity: It weighs 23g that contains a full bottle of high enriched essence.

I received this mask in a Mask Maven pouch. This mask smelled so amazing; however, the fit was really big. It did not have enough tabs to fit my face better but it really made my skin feel amazing! 

August 24
Cosrx Applezone Power Patch ~ set of 4 for $13. What is the apple zone? It is the T-shaped area on the face from the highest point of the cheekbone, the skin skin just beneath the eyes and just before the jawline. It's an area that is easily dehydrated and often most exposed to irritants like UV rays and pollutants, resulting in acne and accelerated signs of aging. The Applezone Power Patch is a patch-type mask that targets these troubled, vulnerable areas to help rejuvinate and hydrate the skin. 

I received this in the Peach and Lily Seoulcialite 2.0 box. I was excited to try them! They fit really weird and I really didn't know what to think! I didn't think the extra gel patch on my cheek did much? But I thought they did work under my eye a little bit. They were different, but I would likely repurchase eye gels before these again. 

August 25
Lush Fresh Face Mask "Catastrophe Cosmetic" ~ $9.95. A cooling, calming, deep cleansing blueberry mask for sore and troubled skin.

My last time to clean up my skin and use the rest up!

August 27
Mediheal: Black Eye Anti-Wrinkle Mask Sheet ~ $1.66 ($4.99 for 3). The synergy effect of Phyto black complex ingredient (Juniperus Communis Fruit extract, blackberry extract, blueberry extract, morus alba fruit extract, Rice extract, Garlic Bulb extract, Sesame Seed extract, soybean extract) give vitality to the under eyes. Silk amino acid component makes vitality to tired skin around the eyes. It is high adhesion tension that excellent adhesion skin, perfectly grips your skin without any gaps. 

I have had to use all my masks instead of eye gels as I don't have any right now! This one had a good amount of essence and sat well on my face. I liked it and thought it worked well! 

August 28
Lush Fresh Face Mask - Don't Look At Me ~ $13.95. Well hello, don't be shy! Smooth on this vivid blue mask and you'll want to show anyone and everyone your vibrant complexion. Ground rice gently scrubs away dry skin, murumuru butter moisturizes and zingy lemon juice tones. And if that wasn't enough, we've added organic silken tofu to soften you up in all the right ways. The stunning results will have you coming back for more of this scrubby, softening skincare goodness.

I have been waiting to try this new face mask since Lush announced them!! What better time to use a brightening mask than right before the wedding?! It worked really well and was deep cleaning and had just the right amount scrub! It smelled very lemon-y and I really liked it!

Altogether, in August I used 20 masks (this is a little less than what I normally use, but wedding time took over the end of the month!). Overall, I liked most of the masks that I wore, but I did find this month I used a lot that did not fit me very well! I like to look back over the month and see what I have used, what I liked and what I disliked! 

I hope you enjoy these mask posts, and I recommend you use a mask at least twice a week, but I try and use them a lot more than that for more benefits!

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