Sunday, December 31, 2023

Reflections of 2023 ~ Yearly Recap

Happy last day of 2023 Everyone - can we believe 2024 starts tomorrow?! I am always so excited with reflecting back! 

Damian Turned 18 

At the start of the year, Damian turned 18! I can't believe my baby is now technically an adult! We went out to a pub for the night and this is us and our first tequila shot together - can you tell who is better at them at this point?! Lol - he is a great kid! 

Went To Disneyland and Universal Studios 

In March, we took a family trip to California and it was amazing! It's been a little while since we were there so it was great to go when Elliott was big enough to go on all the rides! He loved the rollercoasters and we all had such a fun time together! A highlight was definitely the Super Mario section of Universal Studios! 

Elliott Turned 6 

 Our little Luigi turned 6 years old this year - I know I talked about Damian and time flying, but I also can't believe how fast Elliott is growing up! We had a party to see the Mario movie to celebrate and it was so much fun! 

Damian Graduated High School 

After Elliott turned 18 this year, it's a little crazy to think that he also graduated High School this year!!! Im' so excited for his future and to see the person he grows in to! 

Enjoyed a Fun Family Filled Summer 

We had an amazing Summer - one of the busiest and packed Summers on record, but totally worth it! We spent a ton of time with family (here we are in Vernon at the waterslides before going to Penticton to see my family), a ton of time at the cabin with my inlaws and just busy busy weekends! 

Checked Out The Barbie Exhibit 

We were lucky to have a Barbie exhibit come through Calgary at the Science Centre - I grew up with these dolls and the exhibit was so cool! Dolls through the years and fun interactive exhibits! So amazing! 

Mitch and I Celebrated 8 Years of Marriage 

We never do too much for our Anniversary, but we fo like to go out for dinner at our favourite place - Karma! It's so good and it's great for us to get a night out together! 

We Tried Out Downhill Carting at COP 

We always like to try out new fun activities and we had a blast going Downhill Carting at COP - Elliott was at a bike camp, so we picked him up together and went down! It's so fun, you take a lift up and cart down - you do it 3 times and it's so much fun! 

Met Jillian Harris At A Book Event 

I went to two book events this year and first met my favourite author (Cherie Dimaline) and then when Jillian and Tori released their cookbook and went on tour I knew that we had to go! They were so sweet and we had such a fun night! 

Had A Family Halloween Party 

We are so excited to get back in to our family Halloween Parties - this year we had so much fun with our cat-themed Mario costumes and great having everyone over again! 

I Turned 37 Years Old 

I had such a fun birthday - I took as much time as possible to get some Calgary freebies! We had so much celebrating and I handled 37 much better than 36! I am happy to keep aging and am trying to handle aging with grace! 

We Closed The Year All Together

We are a little sick at the end of the year, so December has been a little quiet for us, but we were able to have everyone over for Christmas and enjoyed a quiet New Years! 

Happy New Years everyone! 

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