Friday, July 28, 2023

Five on Friday - July 28, 2023 ColourPop Swatches ~ C-3PO Shadow Palette, Sage The Day Shadow Palette, It's A Small World Shadow Palette, Chrome Liquid Shadow in Air, and Dreams Come True Shadow Palette

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you all had a good week - I've been computer-less enjoying a week at the cabin with all the family! 

Since I'm away, I'm skipping a life update for my Five on Friday post (and will save my update for next Friday!) and instead I'm sharing and swatching 5 palettes/eyeshadows that are older, but I just picked them up in a big ColourPop haul so I don't think they will get full posts! Also, this is a true swatch post as I haven't used a lot of these, but the ColourPop shadow formula is a reliable one. 


I purchased everything in this post - this post contains affiliate links

Colourpop C-3PO Shadow Palette ~ $16.00 US. Be the brightest in the galaxy with this golden 9-pan palette inspired by everyone’s favorite protocol droid.

I've had my eye on this for a while - it is a neutral palette, so it was released a while ago and I didn't jump right on it, but picked it up on a site-wide sale! And, I'm happy - I love these foiled shadows. The mattes are nice too. 

bolt ~ champagne with gold and silver flecks 
droid ~ metallic soft warm gold 
tatooine ~ matte soft butter yellow 
golden one ~ metallic pale yellow gold 
translator ~ metallic bright yellow gold 
etiquette ~ metallic bright warm gold 
companion ~ matte mustard 
six million ~ matte warm midtone brown with gold flecks 
programming ~ matte deep brown 

While this isn't a ground breaking colour story, I like it - super usable, perfect every day palette but you can also make some deeper looks with this. The Star Wars collab formulas have always impressed me so I know this will be good. 


ColourPop Sage The Day ~ $14.00 US. Bring home the good vibes with 9 sage, olive and essential neutral shades in Matte, Metallic and Matte Sparkle finishes!

This is one of the newest palette I picked up - I do like that the brand is starting to include shifting/duochrome shadows. I tried one from the Troublemaker palette and the rest of the shadows were a little muddy. This is nice and light and a little different from the Grogu palette (another green story) but think both are great! 

lit vibes ~ soft gold with a minty duo chrome finish
retreat me ~ metallic sage green
sips tea ~ pastel matte sage green
keep calm ~ true matte sage green
tree of life ~ metallic olive with golden duo chrome finish
intuition ~ matte warm beige
manifest ~ warm brown with gold pinpoints
nature bae ~ terracotta undertone with silvery green duo chrome finish
smudge me ~ deepened khaki green

This is lovely - three duochrome shadows in this 9 pan palette and still under $15 US! The shades are great.


ColourPop It's A Small World Shadow Palette ~ $22.00 US (on sale for $14.00 US). Embark on a whimsical ride with 12 magical shades of pastels, rich jewel tones and pops of gold in Matte, Metallic, Matte Sparkle, Pearlescent Glitter and Super Shock finishes!

I love this colour story - blue, purple and pink with great shimmers! This was one I almost picked up on launch just because the story is so unique in my collection. I don't have a lot of these colours so I was excited (this was on sale for $10 when I picked it up and it's on sale still! 

hello ~ creamy nude with silver pin points
dream ~ white gold duo chrome finish
laugh ~ matte warm beige
smile ~ soft glittery gold
friendship ~ metallic silvery periwinkle
love & hope ~ matte soft mint 
joy ~ metallic warm violet
imagination ~ matte warm-toned pink
peace ~ matte indigo blue
world traveler ~ metallic emerald
after all ~ matte rich warm violet
1966 ~ metallic cranberry

This is such a fun story and I actually think this palette is going to give me some inspiration to play with colours, maybe a little more Spring vibes, but I will have fun with this one! 


Colourpop Chrome Liquid Shadow in Air ~ $13.00 US. Be an airbender with this multichrome red-copper-olive green.

So this was a new formula, in this "The Legend of Korra" collection - this is something I know anything about, but I was really excited about this liquid chrome shadow. I've picked up similar multi-chrome formulas from other brands and always get excited when there is affordable options too! 

Here is the shade Air swatched - is described as a red to copper to olive green and it's really pretty! Cannot wait to get a look with this one! 


ColourPop Dreams Come True Palette ~ $22.00 US. Sparkle like a diamond with 12 shades of soft neutrals, cobalt blue and candy apple red in Matte, Metallic, Matte Sparkle and Super Shock finishes!

This was probably the biggest impulse purchase; I likely have all these shades from ColourPop in other palettes, but this was also on sale for $10 so it felt like a decent time to scoop it up because it's really cute and lots of shades I wear a lot! I love a Disney collab, so I couldn't resist! 

spell breaker ~ metallic; true metallic white
with a smile ~ matte; warm ivory
ever after ~ super shock; soft gold with pink duo chrome finish
such grace ~ matte; vibrant pastel peach
someday ~ matte; matte peachy pink
true love ~ metallic; metallic true gold
my prince ~ metallic; pinky copper
carried away ~ matte sparkle; mid-tone mauve with pink and silver pinpoints
in the land ~ matte; matte brick red
charmed ~ metallic; bright candy apple red
just one kiss ~ metallic; vivid cobalt blue
faraway ~ matte sparkle; true black with gold, pink and blue pinpoints

Another palette I'm excited to try. I've been using less shadows overall this year, but hoping Fall time gives me some time and motivation to play with eyeshadow looks! 

I hope that this helped if you been checking out any of these - my best advice is to scope out a sale/free shipping/etc. There is always promotions going on so wait for one that appeals to you! 

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