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Lush Shopping Haul - Easter Goodies!

I have been trying to do well on my no-buy since my U.S. shopping haul; but, the Easter goodies at Lush look amazing and I got a gift card for Christmas so I had to go! I was so excited to get my hands on some of these! 

Here is a look at the goodies I bought! 
Lush Shopping Haul - Easter Goodies!

Carrot Wrapped Gift ~ $39.95. This fresh and energetic collection of Easter treats is packed with uplifting essential oils and feel-good fragrances. It features two brand-new creations: the bright and juicy Bouncy Bunny and the gift-exclusive Spring Bunny. Plus, returning favorites include the delightfully sweet Fluffy Egg and the even more colorful Bunch of Carrots Reusable Bubble Bar with an uplifting buchu scent!

I know I didn't need to buy myself a wrapped gift, but there is 1 item inside a couple of the gifts that is not available to buy on it's own! This carrot is so good and big! Here is a look at the goodies inside the Carrot Wrapped Gift:
Lush Shopping Haul - Easter Goodies!

Spring Bunny ~ $??. Hop into an energizing soak.

This is the exclusive item that isn't available for purchase - I'm excited to try it! It's so cute! 

Fluffy Egg Bath Bomb ~ $5.95. The original Easter egg-shaped bath bomb, Fluffy Egg is a classic customer favorite that we bring back every year for its masses of incredibly loyal fans. While we love the cheery pink color, it’s the intoxicating candy-sweet aroma that will really draw you in to its fluffy ways! Pop this one in the tub to sink deep into softening, brilliantly pink water—you’ll be left smelling like scrumptious vanilla cotton candy. Delicious!

Mmm... Vanilla Cotton Candy sounds amazing! I love bath bombs! 

Lush Shopping Haul - Easter Goodies!

Bunch Of Carrots Bubble Bar ~ $12.95. Dig up the dirt on refreshing tropical bathing with this colorful trio of carrots. Hold one under running water to send bubbly clouds of buchu, lemon and grapefruit oils swirling around your bath, and then pop it on the side of your tub to dry for next time. The distinctive, bright colors of this heritage bunch make it an attractive addition to Easter baskets and bathtimes alike.

Ok you guys, how amazing is this?! This is a 3-in-1 product - I love it! And I love bubble bars, so this is going to be great! 

Bouncy Bunny Shower Jelly ~ $5.95. Get ready to wobble your way to bright, juicy showers with this uplifting shower jelly. Brazilian orange oil is brightening and toning on the skin and has a gorgeously sunny fragrance to help you wake up in the morning, while the carrageenan extract is soft and gentle on your skin. Chill or freeze your jelly for a super-refreshing shower or scoop it straight out of the pot and smooth all over the body to work up a soft lather.

This shower jelly smells awesome - these can be a little messy to use, but they are so fun! 

Overall, $39.95 is a good value for the Carrot Wrapped Gift; this makes the Spring Bunny Bath Soak cost just over $6 with is on par with the rest of the Lush Bath Soaks! I love the variety in this gift and am happy with everything! I got a few goodies on their own as well - here is a look:
Lush Shopping Haul - Easter Goodies!

Humpty Dumpty Bath Bomb ~ $8.95. As soon as this cheerful egghead touches the water, his caramel-smooth personality is revealed in notes of bright bergamot and Brazilian orange oils. Crack a smile as his outer shell breaks away, revealing a hidden alter-ego, a perfectly formed fried egg (an all-vegan variety of course). If you're in a hump and down in the dumps, it's now easy to flip your spirits onto the sunnyside.

Eeeekk - Humpty Dumpty!!! This is so cute - and I had no idea, but this is a 3-in-1 product! This egg actually cracks open and you can use the outsides of the bomb in 2 different baths and the middle on it's own as well! 

Lush Shopping Haul - Easter Goodies!

This bomb did not open very easy - it was pretty closed around the little egg inside but seriously, this little egg inside is ridiculously adorable!! 

Lush Shopping Haul - Easter Goodies!

Which Came First? Bath Bomb ~ $8.95. If this sweet and citrusy bath bomb can't answer the age-old question then what can? Crack open the generously-sized pink egg to coax out the surprise inside and enjoy three egg-cellent soaks over a couple of nights. Or, if you fancy something really decadent, use the entire bomb at once to infuse your bathwater with deliciously sweet, fuchsia waters brimming over with fruity fragrance. Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the bathtub, of course!

This is another crack open bath bomb - and I love this as part of the Easter Egg theme! It is so clever! So again, even though this is $9 initially, you can use it 3 times which is actually a really great deal!

Lush Shopping Haul - Easter Goodies!

This bomb opened waaay easier than the last one - the little egg inside is cute and all are good sized for individual baths! 

I also found a couple non-Easter items that I had to try out! Here is a look:
Lush Shopping Haul - Easter Goodies!

Hand of Friendship Soap ~ $5.95. Made with skin-softening coconut and almond essential oils, Hand Of Friendship Soap is a cherry blossom-scented sudser that will help us all share a beautiful message to our new neighbors. For every bar sold, we're donating 100% of the sales to our Friendship Fund, which will help various organizations provide relief to the most pressing needs of refugees arriving in North America.

The message behind this soap is just great! It makes me so happy that companies like Lush are trying to help the world become a better place! 

Lush Shopping Haul - Easter Goodies!

Oatifix Fresh Face Mask ~ $7.95. Few things are more soothing than a big bowl of banana porridge, all sweet and squishy. Did you know the same is true for your skin? Sensitive, dry or irritated faces love Oatifix for its calming oats, softening mashed banana and ground almonds to slough away flaky skin. Keep in mind that dry skin doesn’t just occur in the winter! The sun can be equally harsh, as UV rays penetrate the dermis and heat can leave you feeling tight and dry. Use Oatifix year-round on sensitive, dry skin in need of nourishment to keep it flexible and soft.

I have tried quite a few of the Lush Fresh Face Masks, but I have not tried this kind yet! I'm looking forward to it - these masks always make my skin feel awesome! 

I have really loved these seasonal goodies from Lush - what have you guys tried from the Easter collection?

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