Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Monthly Beauty and Book Haul ~ November 2023

Last year I set a monthly beauty and books budget at $200 per month and I really stuck to it! I am trying to be thoughtful in my purchases, so this has been holding me accountable for being reasonable with my spending. Since it worked so well last year, I'm really trying to do the same thing this year! 

I do always love my Monthly Haul posts - it's a good way to keep track of everything that I picked up each month. I don't always blog about everything I pick up (I try to), but if you ever spot anything in here that you really want me to talk about, let me know! 

(Also, how it turned in to December 20 and I'm just posting my November haul, but oh well!)

I purchased everything in this post

Sephora Birthday Order ~ $31.19 CAN. I ordered this lovely Makeup by Mario mini set and I picked up the Glow Recipe birthday set with a couple of free samples along with it! Perfect little order! 

OPI Polish ~ $14.69 CAN. I picked up the gorgeous shade Scorpio Seduction from the OPI Zodiac collection - it's so much prettier than it looked like in the bottle! You can see it on me here

Book Outlet Order ~ $57.82 CAN. There were quite a few books on my TBR wishlist that popped up recently on BookOutlet for a great price - and two of them came signed! This was a great order! 

Books Between Friends Finds ~ $9.00 CAN. I went to my favourite book thrift store when they were having a couple of book freebies - so I got a couple of these for free and picked up three books for $3 each. 

ELF Cosmetics Order ~ $6.00 CAN. In addition to recently picking up and loving the lip oil, I picked up the new duochrome liquid eyeshadow and it's amazing! You can see it on me here - and it made my Favourites recently! It's so good! 

Little Free Library Finds ~ $0.00 CAN. I love finding books I enjoyed or want to read in little free libraries! Both of these were great and am happy to add these in to my library! 

Ipsy Icon Box ~ $96.70 CAN. I was excited to try out a new subscription from Ipsy and I was really impressed and happy with the products I received! This month's box was curated by Pat McGrath and came with some really great products. You can see my full unboxing on my blog post here

Free Book ~ $0.00 CAN. This is a book that was written by a fellow Correctional Officer and it was available for those of us that attended a work event - I am always interested in this and it's about mental health struggles in our line of work! 

Indigo Preorders ~ $45.56 CAN. These were a couple of my most anticipated books for the latter half of this year - I love a pre-order when I can get them for a good price! I've read Iron Flame and still need to get to Bookshops and Bonedust! 

November Owlcrate ~ $83.75 CAN. This is probably one of the nicest book editions Owlcrate has ever done - the edges are gorgeous and the cover is fabulous! You can see a full unboxing on my post here

Birthday Gift Special Edition Gift ~ $0.00 CAN. Alright, I don't always include gifts in here, but I love this edition of Fourth Wing and wanted to share! It comes with a couple extra chapters and gorgeous black edges!

Alright, this was a bit bigger of a month than normal - I spent $244.71 (actually, $100 more but I counted my birthday money this month towards my spending because whoops - it was a lot more than normal all year!) Otherwise, I've been really good about sticking to my budget! 

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