Saturday, December 30, 2023

Monthly Beauty and Book Haul ~ December 2023

Last year I set a monthly beauty and books budget at $200 per month and I really stuck to it! I am trying to be thoughtful in my purchases, so this has been holding me accountable for being reasonable with my spending. Since it worked so well last year, I'm really trying to do the same thing this year! 

I do always love my Monthly Haul posts - it's a good way to keep track of everything that I picked up each month. I don't always blog about everything I pick up (I try to), but if you ever spot anything in here that you really want me to talk about, let me know! 

I purchased everything in this post

Indigo Haul ~ $132.88 CAN. At the start of the month, I had a little discount at Indigo so I picked up some of my most anticipated books of the year! I can't wait to dive in to all of these! 

Owlcrate Ruthless Vows Preorder ~ $68.05 CAN. Okay, I don't always need matching sets of all my books, but the Owlcrate version of the first book in this set - Divine Rivals, is amazing, but also so different than the original, that I needed to pick up the second book! This releases in December, but Owlcrate might not ship these until February so I will have to wait a little longer for my copy! 

Shoppers Order ~ $17.41 CAN. I was pretty excited to find the Urban Decay Moondust palette and some other new goodies! The rest is all past stocked up items! I still haven't dived in to the new makeup items but I will soon! 

Shoppers Find ~ $6.05 CAN. This was a set I couldn't find online, so when I went in store and I found it, I had to scoop it up! I'm super excited for this set! 

Poshmark Fairyloot Book Find ~ $55.11 CAN. Okay, also I never feel like I need every special edition of books, but oh man as soon as I saw this Fairyloot edition of The Forest Grimm, I had to order it - it's so stunning! Can't wait to read this one! 

Bookoutlet Order ~ $92.83 CAN. There were quite a few of my most anticipated books on Bookoutlet when I was putting an order in - the Dracula is a special edition with bats on the edges and lots of 2nd books in series! 

WINS Book Finds ~ $3.00 CAN. I always try and go to WINS on the first Wednesday of every month for their 50% Customer Appreciation Day - I picked up a few books for 0.50 each! 

Amazon Book Order ~ $17.84 CAN. I ordered this from Amazon since it was on sale and it's for a book club I'm hoping to join in January! I want to read more from Silvia Morena-Garcia so I'm excited to read this one! 

Free Book Finds ~ $0.00 CAN. Okay, I love digging around and finding free books on Facebook Marketplace and I feel like I hit the jackpot with my last two finds! There were so many books I wanted to try out! 

Indigo Order ~ $46.27 CAN. I ordered a few goodies on Boxing Day so they haven't quite arrived yet, but I am excited for all of these to arrive and can't wait to read them all! 

Christmas Gift ~ $0.00 CAN. This is the 2023 Lancome Holiday palette - I've never actually used Lancome eyeshadow palettes, so I'm really happy to try these out! 

Shoppers Order ~ $2.06 CAN. I had heard really great things about this Rimmel Kind and Free lippies, so when I saw that there was a multi-stick blush, I couldn't resist picking it up to try out as well! 

2024 Beautylish Lucky Bag ~ $154.22 CAN. Alright, last year I didn't order a Lucky Bag, but I bought so little makeup this year I thought I would not get any duplicates! Plus, I love a surprise so I'm excited to see what I will get this year! 

Alright, this was a bit bigger of a month than normal (like last month - whoops) - I spent $395.72 (actually, $200 more but I counted my Christmas money this month towards my spending because whoops - it was a lot more than normal all year!) Otherwise, I've been really good about sticking to my budget! 

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