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Xo Treatment Room Skincare - New Makeup Products

I'm so excited for this post - if you guys have been around for the past year or two, then you know I've fallen in love with local Calgary skincare brand, XO Facecare created by XO Treatment Room owner, and skincare genius, Annie. Annie truly is a chemist and actual product formulation extraordinaire - the XO Facecare Vitamin C serum and the Intergalactic Lactic Acid night are truly game-changing in my routine.  

Xo Treatment Room Skincare - New Makeup Products
These products were received as PR samples

So, following Annie and knowing that she was starting to formulate makeup I was so excited - these are staying to her roots and are a skincare focused makeup line. These are products that are meant to be used minimally and just to enhance our skin and still be good for our skin while we are wearing them. 

While I love a full face of glam makeup, in my every day job, I'm typically wearing a 5-minute or light makeup look for day-to-day, so these are perfect for quick days for me where I just want a little glow and coverage! 

So, I'm going to swatch and share everything in the line so far and share my initial thoughts on the products:

Xo Treatment Room Skincare - New Makeup Products

XO Facecare Space Coverage Concealer ~ $32.00 CAN. Just cover a space, not your whole face. Conceal and Reveal! Solid coverage on a space or spot with a natural satin finish. Under eye, nose crease, pimple or spot. Space Coverage conceals the space to lets your real skin take centre stage. Filled with skin loving shea, energizing caffeine and spot reducing Niacinamide. Apply with the plush doe tip in dots and blend with fingers. Best results on moisturized skin. 

This was the first makeup release and the one I was the most excited for - concealer! If we are talking about makeup products we want to be skincare focused, the first that come to my mind are base products - tinted moisturizers or concealers, so these are the perfect start to the line. This features ingredients like shea, niacinamide and caffeine so they are keeping skin hydrated, and reducing redness while covering spots and any under eye concerns! 

Xo Treatment Room Skincare - New Makeup Products

This range is starting with 6 shades (I'm missing one in the middle), but it does cover light to dark. Annie is a one woman formulation show, so these will start as the consistent line and she will add to this when possible. These do use only a tiny bit, so they can stretch a little over a range with one colour. 

The shades swatched on me, top to bottom are:
1102 Fair Warm
1103 Fair Beige 
1201 Light Ivory 
1503 Deep Caramel 
1601 Rich Chocolate 

The other shade in this line is Tan Neutral, so a medium toned shade with neutral undertones. I'm a big fan of this concealer - it's got a big doe foot applicator (similar to the ELF Camo Concealer wand in terms of size), and you only need a tiny amount under eyes and on spots. It's a creamy formula that blends out best with fingers, but it sets nicely with a light dusting of face power (none really needed), but being a creamy, full coverage formula, it does not crease under the eye. This will last a long time based on how little you need - it has awesome coverage! 

Xo Treatment Room Skincare - New Makeup Products

Xo FaceCream Lip Lipids ~ $22.00 CAN each or $125.00 CAN for a set of 6. Hydrating lip treats with oils of fruit. Quenching kisses with sweet, juicy flavours will leave your lips soft and moisturized. These jellied oils leave a translucent shine and can be worn alone or over your favourite lip colour. Keep them all or share the love.

These are lovely - I'm not sure if these are fully in the makeup line, but I'm including them because I've been using these every day as I'm doing my makeup and getting ready. These are gel like oil and they actually add a lovely glossy finish to the lips, so they are getting ready makeup product to me now! 

Xo Treatment Room Skincare - New Makeup Products

The Lip Lipids swatched from left to right are Myrica, Seville, Calendula, Aloe and Lapins. These are lovely, quenching lip oils and I've been enjoying them very much! I used them every morning (and then multiple times during the day). There is also a clear one - Anjou. The rest do go on clear as well, but I like that there is a tiny bit of a tint in there too! 

Xo Treatment Room Skincare - New Makeup Products

Xo Facecare Kitten Blush ~ $32.00 CAN. Kitten Blush is a cream blush with a satin-matte finish. The kitteny, soft pink cream blush is sheer, buildable and blends to give a natural flush to the skin. Great for those who like to keep it minimal, those who like to standout and everyone in between.

I absolutely love that there is a blush in this line and let's be real, I hope more colours will be released eventually. It's only been the last two years that I've started loving a cream blush - this applies nice and light, but adds just that hint of a flushed glow (think that wind/cold tinted look that is in right now!)

Xo Treatment Room Skincare - New Makeup Products

This is the shade Kitten Blush (labelled 04), is swatched on my hand - this is a lovely light pink. I love the flush that it gives and it's easy to apply. I apply this with a duo-fibre blush (which is my preference with a cream blush formula) and it goes on lovely - this can be built up and I typically apply two light coats for the perfect flush on my cheeks! 

Xo Treatment Room Skincare - New Makeup Products

Okay, these XO Facecare Hi Beams are a sneak peek - these have not actually been released yet, but as soon as they are, I will update this (and I 100% checked with the brand that this was okay to share, so I'm not spoiling anything that's not allowed!) 

These are a light creamy highlighter - these are a lovely light-reflecting formula, but they add a subtle glow to the cheeks, think skin forward gentle glow on the cheeks. They likely could be an easy multi use product too - apply anywhere that you want a light glow on! (Think blush topper, underneath makeup to add a glow - anything that you would use a liquid highlighter for!)

Xo Treatment Room Skincare - New Makeup Products

The products swatched are 01 on top and 02 below. The top shade it a beautiful pink, champagne shimmer and 02 is a deeper bronzy shimmer. Both of these shades are lovely, the second one is a little deep for me, but it can be sheered out on the cheeks! 

Xo Treatment Room Skincare - New Makeup Products

The products I've used for this makeup look are the Space Coverage concealer in Fair Beige, the Kitten Blush on the cheeks, the Hi Beam in 01 as a highlighter, and the Lapins Lip Lipids. i'm really enjoying these products for an easy, skin forward light makeup look (exactly what they are intended to be for!) 

Have you tried this brand yet - I highly recommend checking them out! 

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