Thursday, December 15, 2022

Beauty Gifts Sets - Stocking Stuffers for Beauty Lovers

I've been keeping the holiday posts to a minimum, I mean things are crazy out there right now and I think everyone is trying to keep things reasonable, so I'm trying not to go crazy with spending on unnecessary items. 

Beauty Gifts Sets - Stocking Stuffers for Beauty Lovers
I purchased all of these on my own - this post contains affiliate links

So, there were a few beauty sets that caught my eye and I do love holiday set time because I love minis and chances to try multiple products from brands at a lower price or bundled price! 

I'm actually someone who loves minis (I know not everyone does), but with so much makeup, I feel like it's a good way to try out new formulas or products without committing to full size! 

So, I picked up four sets this year (yes for myself, I deserve a few presents too), and they are a mix of favourites and new to me products: 

Beauty Gifts Sets - Stocking Stuffers for Beauty Lovers

Charlotte Tilbury Mini Beauty Highlighter Wand Duo Set ~ $42.00 CAN. A limited-edition mini beauty light wand duo featuring shades Spotlight and Pinkgasm.

This may not be the most "affordable" sets; but, this is the type of minis I'm talking about when I'm wanting to try new products from the brand. This set is 2 mini of the Charlotte beauty wants - a liquid blush and highlight formula. Full size, these products are 12 ml for $52 each, and in this set, they are 5 ml for $21.00 each. So they are certainly better to try out the products instead of spending over $100 to try the highlighter and blush full size! 

Beauty Gifts Sets - Stocking Stuffers for Beauty Lovers

Benefit Cosmetics Jolly Brow Bunch Full Size Makeup Value Set - shade 4 ~ $48.00 CAN. Have the best brows at the holiday soiree! Draw natural-looking, hair-like strokes that last 12 hours* with Precisely, My Brow Pencil, pump up the brow volume with Gimme Brow+ and set a sculpted brow look that lasts with 24-HR Brow Setter. Comes in reusable keepsake tin with special holiday stickers inside!

I think I buy a benefit brow set each year - I love the Precisely My Brow pencil, so I'm always looking to pick up a pencil and if I can get a few products at a good price, I will! I have tried Gimme Brow before and it's good (I think it was reformulated since I've tried it), and I'm looking forward to see how the brow setter is as well! Their sets always has a great value and I will use everything in here! 

Beauty Gifts Sets - Stocking Stuffers for Beauty Lovers

UD x Robin Eisenberg More For You All Nighter Set ~ $56.00 CAN. Includes 2 full-size setting sprays. Keeps makeup fresh for up to 16HR. Waterproof + transfer proof. Real skin finish. Limited-edition set.

This is another set that's a little on the expensive size; but, this comes with two full size All Nighter Setting Spray (one of my favorites!) But, the standard size of these is $43 on it's own, so for a few more dollars you are only paying $13 for the second bottle. If this is a go-to for you or a beauty lover you are shopping for, this is a good deal! 

Honestly, it's probably a good thing that more sets didn't catch my eye this year, but really I wasn't intrigued by too many sets, so these are the 3 that stood out to me! 

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