Friday, August 26, 2022

Five on Friday - August 26, 2022 ~ Wedding Attendees, Bulk Barn Haul, Back to School Finds, Lightyear Movie, and Monthly Declutter

Happy Friday everyone - hope you all had a great week! I've been in Edmonton for training all week, so it's been pretty quiet over here. Happy to be coming home to the family for the weekend! 


I purchased everything in this post

This past weekend one of my friends got married in Shouldice Park in Calgary and it was super cute! I've never been up to that park and it's beautiful, right on the river - they had a daytime wedding that had games and snacks in the park. Elliott has never been to a wedding before and he did really well and loved the games! So cute - I'm so happy to see weddings back up and running now! 


While in Edmonton I did a little shopping and picked up some goodies as Bulk Barn - I'm planning on doing a little anniversary baking this weekend, so I picked up some decorating goodies! Ans, pearl couscous because I can never find it in the store and I always forget that Bulk Barn has anything you could possibly be looking for! 


Also, along my shoppings this week I stopped by Walmart for the last few back to school goodies for Elliott since he's starting Kindergarten in less than one week! I can't believe that - where did the time go?! Anyways, he's pretty excited I managed to find Mario and Minecraft things for him, so he's all ready to go now! 


I was finally able to watch the Lightyear movie - can't believe it was released two months ago now, it's just been too busy to sit down and watch the whole thing with Elliott! It was cute - it wasn't exactly what I was expecting, but I enjoyed it. Also, I better get a robotic cat if I'm ever stuck out in space somewhere! 


I actually did my monthly declutter a little early this month - I had a weekend to myself and I used it to catch up on all things beauty. So, part of that was reorganizing my room, making sure I'm using everything, and that everything is still in good condition. I cleared out some lip and cheek products that were getting old or were totally unused, a couple of skincare products that didn't work for me and a few ColourPop palettes that I just had lots of duplicate shades of! 

I hope you all have a good weekend! 

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