Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Family Advent Calendars ~ The Chocolate Lab, Yawn Brew Hot Chocolate, Lego Star Wars, and the 24 Days of Celebration Wine!

It's December 1st and I absolutely love advent calendars - I'm ready to countdown to Christmas! I really like to try new ones every year and we've tried it all - beer, chocolate, tea, books, lego, you name it! I'm really excited with our family advent calendars that we picked out this year! 

Family Advent Calendars
I purchased all the calendars on my own

I always like to go with some classic advent types as well as some unique and different ones! I tend not repeat calendars as I always want to try something new; but, my teenage son loved the hot chocolate calendar so much, that he requested the same one this year, so of course I obliged and got him one! 

I love that companies have become so creative with their advent calendars - there is something for everyone out there! But, the rest of the ones we picked up are new for the rest of us and we are all excited to dig in to them today! 

Family Advent Calendars

Alright, starting with the advent calendar for my husband - he is a total choco-holic, so I'm always on the hunt to find him a great chocolate calendar. The Chocolate Lab is a Calgary owned chocolate shop and they make everything by hand with the best ingredients and a sense of adventure. So, the Chocolate BonBon Advent Calendar ($58.00 CAN) comes with 
25 fabulous flavours of hand-crafted chocolate bonbons for you to enjoy as you count down to the big holiday! 

Then, for the littlest family member we figured it was time to get started in the Lego calendars - he might be a tad on the young side at 4 years old, but my oldest had a Lego calendar for years and loved them! We picked up the Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar ($49.99 CAN) and this year it's Mandalorian themed and it's adorable! He did watch the show and loved it so I can't wait to see him get a Grogu and a Mando (wait, did I secretly get this one for me too?!)

Again, my teenage son loved this hot chocolate advent calendar so much last year, that I had to pick up the Yawn Hot Chocolate Advent Calendar ($47.00 CAN) got him again. It comes with 19 different flavours of hot chocolate (a couple of duplicates for their best sellers), but they have really unique flavours, such as Sticky Toffee, Choc Roses, Banana Lama, and Christmas Carrot, plus more "normal" types too. If you are struggling for a teenage guy idea, this one is a total hit! 

And saving the best for last is MINE and it's WINE! I usually dabble in nails or beauty calendars, but I have so much stuff, so I'm excited that there is a mini wine advent calendar out there and I got one! I picked up the 24 Days of Celebration Wine Advent Calendar ($99.00 CAN) from the Costco Liquor Store - it comes with 24 mini bottles of all different sparkling wines. I think it's equivalent to 6 bottles over the 24 days and I'm excited for a little glass of bubbly tonight! 

What type of advent calendar did you pick up this year?!