Sunday, August 1, 2021

Monthly Beauty Haul ~ July 2021

I always love these haul posts - it's a way to keep track of everything that I picked up every month. I don't always blog about everything I pick up (I try to), but if you ever spot anything in here that you really want me to talk about, let me know! 

Last year, I got a little crazy about trying to stick to a crazy budget and this year I'm just going to buy what I want and try and be reasonable about my purchases! 

I purchased everything in this post

ColourPop Haul ~ $72.49 CAN. There has been some fabulous products released this Summer by ColourPop - I'm loving all the orange and I was excited to try the tinted moisturizer. I'm going to try this out right away and share it! 

Holo Taco Polishes ~ $91.58 CAN. How stunning are all of these shades?! Stayed tuned for this week's Manicure Monday so you can see the cremes swatched - they are The Life's A Beach collection. I also picked up another holographic polish as well as a multichrome polish because I love this formula so much! 

Shoppers Drug Mart Haul ~ $38.31 CAN. I was getting worried that my ColourPop order with a tinted moisturizer in it wouldn't arrive before my trip, so I rushed out to pick up my Holy Grail skin veil - the NYX Bare With Me, it is the best! This polish is so great - you can see it on me here! And, I picked up some new polish remover. Order ~ $57.32 CAN. A tinted moisturizer - spoiler, I absolutely love this and it's going to pop up in my Favourites really soon. It's already a fabulous spf, but this tint is perfect for me and it smooths everything out while providing some great sunscreen coverage. Also, picked up the last Tok Beauty Lip Tonic shade I needed to try them all - you can seem them all swatched and reviewed here

Amazon Sunscreen ~ $46.68 CAN. I follow Jude from Holy Snails pretty often, so when she recommends an SPF then I know I need to try - she says it's even better than the one I'm currently using, so I thought I'd dive in and try two of them since I wear face SPF sunscreen every day! 

Urban Outfitters Order ~ $40.90 CAN. Oooh, I randomly saw that these Terra Moons shadows were available again at Urban Outfitters, so I had to pick them up - I really wanted to try their shimmer shadows! I also picked up this adorable alien mask because I couldn't resist! I will be reviewing both of these soon! 

Shoppers Order ~ $58.74 CAN. I finally spotted these big pots of Pixi masks, and I really wanted to try some of these newer Life brand masks and I've been wanting to try both of these Essence mascaras, so I will likely do a comparison post soon! 

Scratch Monthly Mani Kit ~ $18.97 CAN. This month's Scratch set was an orange and lemon blossom mani and it was so pretty - also love the solids along with it. These added in some holographic strips with it, but I likely won't use those personally, but the wraps are great! 

So I spent $424.99 this month - also, it was a pretty busy month, so I didn't even try most of these things yet! Hopefully, I buy less in August to focus on what I bought this month! 

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