Friday, August 13, 2021

Five on Friday - August 13, 2021 ~ Cabin Trip, Meadery Tour, Mother of Madness Comic Review, Book Prize and July Declutter!

Happy Friday the 13th everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend - we got back from holidays right in to a busy work week and we are going straight back to the cabin tomorrow for a couple of days! 


The book was won in a giveaway & the brow pencil was received as a PR sample

I always love our visits to the cabin - Fairmont is such a cute little town and we are nice and close to Invermere for our town and beach needs! We also finally found these natural Hot Springs and they were lovely! The kids had fun and they were pretty quiet! It was a very relaxing week overall, I managed to get 3 big books read, lots of kayaking, and beach time! 


Another fun part of our trip was our little visits to a meadery and distillery - we've tried both many time before at the markets and thought we'd check them both out. We checked out the Pommier Ranch Meadery and it was so cool - we saw all the bees and checked out the whole process of mead making and picked up a whole bunch of good mead! Then, we checked out Taynton Bay Spirits and had so many good spirits, including a caesar with pickle vodka and their tea spirits, which are delicious! 


I'm keeping up with my book reviews and I had to share my thoughts on the new comic I just read - MOM Mother of Madness! I saw it from Emilia Clarke she is one of the writers of the series! This is set in the future and touches on what the future could look like - climate change, disease, and rampant toxic masculinity. Meanwhile, Maya is a single mom whose super powers come out based on her emotions (and hormones it appears!) I loved that - lets embrace our feelings and have them empower us. This touches on a sad past and just sets the tone for the rest of the series! It's quick, I loved it and rated it a 4.5/5 stars! (I picked mine up at ComicTraders - a local little comic shop!)


I won a little giveaway from Arsenal Pulp Press where I could pick up any in stock book - I tried to pick a book and author I haven't read before, so I picked up a book from Vivek Shraya and I'm excited to read it! 


My July declutter is a little on the smaller side (which is fine by me) - these are all older products, with the exception of the Rodial brow product because I just can't use it anymore - it does not work for me.

I hope you all have a great weekend! 

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