Saturday, April 24, 2021

Five on Saturday ~ Vaccines, Spring 2021 Samplesource, Elliott is 4, Shadow and Bone Netflix and Backyard Swing

Happy Saturday everyone! Hope you all had a good week - I took Monday and Friday off this week, so it was refreshing to have some extra time to myself during the week! 


This past week my husband and I became eligible for our vaccines based on our jobs, so we are all booked in for Tuesday afternoon! I'm afraid of needles, so am a little bit worried, but, I'm actually happy to get one to assist in getting us all through this pandemic safely! 


Samplesource is a free box for anyone

I just got my Spring 2021 Samplesource box and it came with lots of goodies - I always get a dry shampoo and toothpaste and they are great for travel, whenever that may be! Plus, this one came with lots of good snacks and drinks to try (and always something for the cats!) Plus, there is quite a few coupons for free products, so I will have to use those too! 


Oh man, my little guy just turned 4 yesterday and I cannot believe where the time has gone! Seriously, just poof, 4 years has already passed. I certainly miss those snuggly baby days - we are full swing in to crazy toddler days and it's a lot, but a good a lot!


 I JUST finished Shadow and Bone in time to watch the new Shadow and Bone series on Netflix - have you watched it? My older son and I watched the first 2 episodes and really enjoyed it. The only thing is, I haven't read Six of Crows (and I thought it was set a few years later, so now I want to rush and read the book so I can know all the characters!) But, so for, we are enjoying it! 


The highlight of our week was adding a swing in to our backyard climbing dome - it fits in nicely and was a big hit! 

Honestly, it's another one of those weeks where not much is going on, covid cases are still rising and we are still hanging in there. Hope you all have a great weekend! 


  1. I am eagerly awaiting my SampleSource package still! I had totally forgotten about it!