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Monthly Beauty Favourites - February 2021

Here's a look at what I was loving in February:

Monthly Beauty Favourites - February 2021
The miracle balm was received as a PR sample - this post contains affiliate links

I didn't actually try a ton of new things in February and stuck to a pretty basic routine, but the few new things I did try I ended up really liking, so I have a good little mix of makeup, skincare and nails this month! 

Here's a closer look at my Top 5 for the month:

Monthly Beauty Favourites - February 2021

Kaleidos The Club Nebula Palette ~ $45.00 US. This opulent mix of gala-ready cool and warm-toned color combinations was created in a collaboration with beauty guru Angelica Nyqvist. Featuring an elegant selection of suave, dark mattes and vibrant, dazzling duochromes, this palette balances deep, rich hues with flurries of shimmering pastel and neon. 

This is such a unique colour story in my eyeshadow collection - it is such a good mix of shadows that I don't really own in my collection and it's just been really fun to play with these (I can't wait to use the greens for a March look!) The formula is good, I found a few of the really deep shades worked better with different techniques and the shimmers varied in opacity, but overall this is a fantastic palette! If you want to see swatches and two looks with the palette, you can check out my full review here! (And sadly, this is sold out, but they are planning a Spring relaunch so hopefully you can snag one then if you are interested!)

Creme de la Creme Custom Creme Lipstick ~ $33.00 CAN. A comfortable wearing lipstick with a matte finish and high colour pay off. Made with plant-based ingredients to deliver a healthy dose of extracts and soothing moisture to your lips!

I just posted a full post yesterday about my whole experience creating a custom lipstick at the Creme de la Creme Beauty Lounge in Edmonton, so make sure you check out the post if you are curious about seeing process and full details! This formula is matte, but still comfortable and easy wearing on the lips. I love this shade - I think it turned out to be the perfect nude shade I was looking for and I'm just so happy with how this whole experience and product turned out! 

Monthly Beauty Favourites - February 2021

Purple Tree Papaya Miracle Balm ~ $7.00 CAN. Papaya Miracle Balm uses natural extracts of Papaya and Honey, with Safflower Oil to soften and provide relief from dry, cracked and irritated lips and skin. Its multi-purpose formula can also be used to protect brittle nails and cuticles, and for cosmetic finishes such as taming eyebrows and elongating the appearance of eyelashes.

I've sort of been using this balm on everything and it's worked so well. I talked last month in my favourites that I was using a tea tree lotion on a lip crack and it worked well to keep it from getting worse and not infected or gross, but this is what finally came along and healed it! Amazing. Plus, really dry knuckles through our two weeks of -30, no lotions would cut it, so this was fantastic. Dry patches, lips - all so good! 

The Inkey List Oat Cleansing Balm ~ $12.99 CAN. A luxurious cleansing balm that gently dissolves makeup and excess oil without stripping sensitive, irritated skin of the moisture it needs.

I love cleansing balms - they are always my first cleanser at night time, but I cannot stand digging in tubs. This is the second balm in a tube I've seen - the other is the Indeed Labs Watermelon one and it's delightful, but it's also $25, so I picked this up seeing how it would compare for half the price and it's great. The tube is fantastic, the only thing I'm being picky about is that when you squeeze this out each time you get about half liquid oil cleanser and half balm (so I found the texture of the Indeed Labs one a little better where it stayed as a balm the whole time), but that's just a minor thing I noticed - the formula of this is fantastic. It's super effective, I could skip eye makeup remover and a second cleanse because it removes absolutely everything. It performed so well and was impressive! 

Monthly Beauty Favourites - February 2021

Morgan Taylor Disney Villains polish in Just One Bite ~ $12.95 CAN. Just One Bite is a red metallic.

If you haven't seen this shade on yet, you have to see it on the nails - it is stunning! I rarely use the same polishes in back to back months but I wore this both in January and February because it's just so good. The colour is solidly opaque and the metallic finish is great. I only wish it had a little bit of Villain on the packaging so it would be easily recognizable as a Disney collaboration! 

What were you loving last month?! 

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