Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Full Face of Newer Drugstore Products ~ Essence, Covergirl, Pixi, Revlon, The Balm, Indeed Labs, Physician's Formula, L'oreal and E.L.F.

I have picked up quite a few new drugstore products lately, and I had basically everything for a full face of makeup, so I thought I'd share my thoughts on a few newer products that I've picked up recently! 

Full Face of Newer Drugstore Products
I purchased everything in this post

Some of these are brand new products and others are "newer" to me; but, everything has been on my to-try list and there is quite a few products that I fell in love with instantly! 

I always think these posts are so fun, because years ago I didn't even try drugstore brands and now I'm buying the new releases and falling in love - just shows that affordable and accessible makeup is really good! 

Essence My Skin Perfector Tinted Primer in 10 Light Beige ~ $6.99 CAN. These mouse-like tinted primers are the perfect base for a flawless and long-lasting makeup look. Apply the velvety primer alone to create a smooth, natural look, or apply as a base in combination with makeup to for a flawless complexion.

I was pretty impressed with the tint in this primer - I did think that it could be worn alone (or, I'd really like to try it mixed with a liquid skin shimmer for a glowy finish). I did think it was a little drying and emphasized dry patches (which I have combination skin so I don't have many) - I do think it wasn't as hydrating as I wanted, but it was blurring and made a good base. 

Essence Pretty Natural Hydrating Foundation in 50 Neutral Champagne ~ $8.99 CAN. The essence pretty natural hydrating foundation with hyaluronic acid and Aloe Vera provides a natural, medium coverage finish and weightless feel for up to 24 hours, leaving you with the perfect combo of pretty and natural.

This was a good, creamy, medium coverage foundation and I picked a good shade match (the only difficult thing about drugstore shopping is shade matching), but I thought this was a nice foundation! I did pair it with a blurring primer, so I will have to keep playing with this with other primers so I can form my full thoughts! But, so far, so good! 

Full Face of Newer Drugstore Products

Here the Essence Tinted Primer in 10 Light Beige is swatched on top and the Essence Pretty Natural Hydrating Foundation in 50 Neutral Champagne swatched on the bottom. 

Full Face of Newer Drugstore Products

Covergirl Clean Fresh Hydrating Concealer in 350 Light Medium ~ $9.99 CAN. Covergirl Clean Fresh Hydrating Concealer is infused with coconut milk and aloe extracts for buildable coverage and glowing skin. The vegan makeup formula is made without phthalates, mineral oil, formaldehyde, talc, parabens, or sulfates. 

I have been excited to try this formula as I've been looking for a new creamy, medium natural concealer after my favourite was discontinued. This was good - I thought it offered good coverage for blemishes and under eye; but, I think it also crease a tiny bit under the eye and emphasized some texture. I will keep trying this a few more times with different primers, foundations, ect. but this is okay for me right now. 

Full Face of Newer Drugstore Products

Here is the Covergirl Clean Fresh Hydrating Concealer in 350 Light Medium swatched on me. 

Full Face of Newer Drugstore Products

Here is a look at the 3 base products on me - I have the Essence Tinted Primer on first, topped with the Essence Pretty Natural Foundation applied with a brush, topped with the Covergirl Pretty Fresh Hydrating Concealer to cover my blemishes and under eye. Overall, I did think this was a good base. 

Full Face of Newer Drugstore Products

Pixi On-the-Glow Blush in Juicy ~ $24.00 CAN. Formulated with Ginseng, Aloe Vera and a unique mix of Fruit Extracts, this tinted balm provides a hint of natural colour while hydrating and conditioning skin.

There have been so many cream blushes released lately and I've really wanted to jump on the bandwagon; but, I don't love the idea of the application from a squeezy tube for a blush. So, when I saw this cream formula in a stick package I had to try this! And, I love this formula - I apply this with a duo fiber brush, just pick up the product with the brush and apply on the cheeks (as opposed to applying this directly to the face). This has a great colour, blends well and wears well - it dries down fairly well, not to the point that it feels powdery but it is dry and comfortable and it looks lovely on the cheeks! 

Full Face of Newer Drugstore Products

Here is a look at the Pixi On-The-Glow Blush in Juicy swatched directly from the package up top and blended in on the bottom. So pretty! 

Full Face of Newer Drugstore Products

Revlon Skin Lights Prismatic Face Highlighter in 201 Daybreak Glimmer ~ $16.49 CAN. Glisten your way and get an illuminated look in any light. Revlon Skinlights Prismatic Highlighter is fragrance free, paraben free, and beautifully textured to show off the elevated design.

I haven't picked up a new drugstore highlighter in a while and this one looked super pretty. It is a nice pretty, champagne shade. It applied well and was nice and smooth - I think it took a few dips to get enough pigment, but I don't mind that. A buildable formula makes it easy for more people to wear as you can pick your shimmer level! 

Full Face of Newer Drugstore Products

Here is a look at the Revlon SkinLights Prismatic Face Highlighter in Daybreak Glimmer - very pretty. 

Here is a look at the Pixi Blush on the cheeks with the Revlon Highlighter on the apples of my cheeks! 

Full Face of Newer Drugstore Products

Indeed Laboratories Hydraluron+ Tinted Lip Treatment in Red ~ $14.99 CAN. Hydraluron+ tinted lip treatment in red contains extremely soothing ingredients that are designed to nourish, plump, hydrate, and tint lips. A combination of pomegranate sterols, hyaluronic acid, coffee, tea, and tropical fruit extracts work to increase hydration, promote elasticity, and replenish lip’s moisture barrier.

I have been really enjoying the Indeed Labs skincare that I've tried, so I had a feeling that a lip treatment from them would be good, and I was right - it is lovely! The tint is subtle on the lips and it's so hydrating and pretty on the lips. It's meant to smooth and fill while hydrating and does all of the above while leaving a shiny, tinted, super softening finishing! 

Full Face of Newer Drugstore Products

Here is the Indeed Labs Tinted Lip Treatment in Red swatched up top and smoothed out underneath! 

And, here is the Indeed Labs Tinted Lip Treatment in Red swatched on my lips - I just loved what this did for my lips! 

The Balm Lid-quid Sparking Liquid Eyeshadow in Bellini ~ $11.99 CAN. Infused with juicy sparkle, the pigmented Lid-Quid shadows are perfectly long wearing, effervescent, creaseless and versatile.

I am still riding the creamy, shimmery liquid eyeshadow train, so I really wanted to pick one up from The Balm. I picked up Bellini and it's a super pretty shade. But, when I swatched this product, the applicator broke instantly, so to apply I had to dip in with a broken wand and use a brush, which didn't work great. Not super impressed with that. (I understand it may just be a defective product, but something breaking on me doesn't really amp me up to go try another and see if it was just a one off). 

Here is a look at The Balm Lid-quid shadow in Bellini swatched (see my sad little broken applicator in the background). 

Full Face of Newer Drugstore Products

E.L.F. Cosmetics Ultra Precise Brow In Neutral Brown ~ $7.00 CAN. Create full, natural looking brows with this precision pencil. The micro-slim shape defines and fills in gaps to mimic the look of real hair.

This is probably this oldest release, but I have enjoyed the last few products that I've tried from elf, so I thought I would try more from them. This is a very slim brow pencil and I really enjoy this! The pencil is precise and great to work with! 

Here is the ELF Cosmetics Ultra Precise Brown in Neutral Brown swatched on me - the nice thin lines are easy to apply and looks nice on! 

Full Face of Newer Drugstore Products

L'Oreal Air Volume Mega Mascara in Blackest Black ~ $16.99 CAN. With a new ingenius formula and packaging, Air Volume defies the rules of gravity and volume. The Air Volume formula is AIR WHIPPED to create a lash multiplying effect with high volume charge that is WEIGHTLESS on lashes. This weightless mega volume and wear locks in for all day wear, lasting upto 24HRS. The key to the mega volume impact and longwear is in the lashing-building team of the the airy formula and double-bristle brush.

There is a couple new hyped up mascaras, so I picked this one up on a sale and it's not my favourite, but I'm sooo picky about mascaras. I like the brush shape, so I was hopeful, but this formula is too wet for me. It made my lashes stick together and looked clumpy instead of voluminized! Also, the packing is oddly shaped and I didn't like not being able to standing up the bottom as I'm applying this. 

Full Face of Newer Drugstore Products

Here is the eye look with the ELF Cosmetics Ultra Precise Brow Pencil on the brows, The Balm Lid-quid shadow in Bellini on the lid and the L'Oreal Air Volume Mega Mascara on the lashes. 

Full Face of Newer Drugstore Products

Physicians Formula Butter Believe It! Skin Mist ~ $17.49 CAN. An ultra-luxurious setting spray infused with our proprietary Butter Complex to deliver a radiant, flawless, airbrushed finish! Incredibly weightless formula smooths skin texture and effortlessly sets and refreshes makeup for all-day wear!

I didn't really need a new setting spray, but I couldn't resist! I love the scent of the Physician's Formula products, and this has that summery scent that smells delicious and I loved that! So far, so good - I do need to try this more, but I liked it on the first try! 

Full Face of Newer Drugstore Products

And here is the full face of all the newer drugstore products! I absolutely love the Pixi Blush and Indeed Labs Tinted Lip Treatment - both were instantly fantastic. I also like the foundation, brow pencil and highlighter and the rest I need to try a little bit more to see how they will work with other products in my routine! What are you loving from the drugstore lately! 

Also, I'm putting up my first instagram reel later trying all these products out, so I would love if you'd check it out and give me your thoughts! I'm trying to stay hip and with it! 


  1. Such a great look - I have always been impressed with elf products!
    Jenna ♥
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    1. Thanks! Yes, I've really been enjoying the elf products that I've tried too!

  2. Hi, really nice look!! I would like to know if the Covergirl concealer has a good coverage cause I got profound dark circles under my eyes. greetings form Cuba!!